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Yamaha Motor Price Latest All New Vixion 2013 Fuel Injection1

Yamaha Motor Price Latest All New Vixion 2013 Fuel Injection1
Aulia Puspa April 24, 2013 Motor Laki, Motorcycle, Yamaha - Newest Price Yamaha Vixion 2013. Motorcycles that are in demand in the Indonesian market is now re-produced with a new design that is more sporty, this bike facelift both figures show that the motor is suitable and compact for ditunggai young people today. After the previous round vixion facelift lights and lamp black steel afterwards. With the body still slim as the previous version, suitable vixion maneuver on the highway, what else is currently using fuel injection technology that dikalim more powerful and efficient fuel consumption, evidenced by the distance that can be taken for each liter of gasoline could reach 46 km, ie 6 miles farther than the old engine. Because this technology is introduced with the motor jargon "fuel injection V-Ixion lightning". (Read also: Advantages And Disadvantages Lightning Yamaha Vixion 2013)

In terms of appearance, it looks completely new turn of this can be seen from the head lamp, side body, rear lights, until the fuel tank is now made slightly larger than before, perhaps because a lot of complaints from customers for this type of old tanks were deemed too small and far from being macho. On the exhaust also has a new design that is the new black color with the addition of aluminum on the edges, in addition to the latest vixion tire is also designed with a smaller red stripe sporty, smaller tire shape to reduce friction and increase the performance of new motorcycle Indonesia Here you are.

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