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Mazda VX 1 twin Suzuki Ertiga Present May 20130

Mazda VX 1 twin Suzuki Ertiga Present May 20130
Aulia Puspa April 30, 2013 Automotive News, Mazda, Suzuki - Mazda Ertiga Present VX 1 May 2013. Later this month finally the Japanese automotive manufacturer Mazda announced its cooperation with the automotive manufacturers are also derived from the Japanese Suzuki. Both the auto giant cherry country will work on low MPV market in Indonesia by Suzuki Ertiga basis. Suzuki Ertiga car as we know it has to be excellent in Indonesia and has managed to shift the dominance of the twin duo car daihatsu and toyota avanza xenia.

Takashi Yamanouchi, who served as president and CEO of Mazda Motor Corp. announced this partnership in Japan at the time of the event Mazda Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Status Report Conference.

Yamanouchi insisted that such cooperation is on the development of compact vehicle with Suzuki Ertiga use the base but using Mazda emblem. This is to emulate the success of the Avanza and Xenia. This would suggest the use Ertiga for mazda car will be named VX 1.

This news is actually quite widely heard since late last year at IIMS 2012, where the media crew saw a new car that is similar to Suzuki Ertiga but use the Mazda logo. And it turns out this is a car that dimaksut new weapon used Mazda MPV to compete in the Indonesian market.

Mazda Car VX 1 in 2013 is likely to be present in Indonesia in mid-May to complete the line up mazda cars that have already paved call it the Mazda 2, Mazda 6 Sedan, Mazda CX 5.

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