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New 2013 Nissan Note car Launched In Eropa0

New 2013 Nissan Note car Launched In Eropa0
Aulia Puspa April 25, 2013 Automotive News, Hatchback, Nissan - Nissan Note 2013 Indonesia. Nissan car has just been launched also Europe after its debut in Japan for wheel to the right of the model last year 2012. The next car is also featured in the exhibition geneva motor show 2013.

Nissan assembles the car in sunderland, UK. Future hatchback nissan's latest tight akang compete with cars in the same segment as ford fiesta, volkswagen polo as well as from fellow Japanese rivals like the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz. Nissan does not provide the same touch on nissan note especially the European market in the driving position, suspension and chassis that look a little different to the european market prefers more rigid control.

The European version is quite complete with a variety of safety features. This car is equipped with a security system keyless entry with push start / stop engine button, 6 airbags and cruise control on the series its highest. The most advanced of these cars are equipped with features like a feature SAFETY active blind spot warning, lane departure warning and moving object detection.

Blind sport warning acts as a third eye for the driver to be able to see parts of the "blind spot" car. When a car driver's view obstructed another object, then the blind spot warning can give you an idea as well as a warning to the voice message. But the line departure warning may give a warning when the car changing lanes at high speed.

Cameras to monitor the eye for a blind spot warning is pretty much a given in the new nissan note. Noted there are 4 cameras in new nissan note. The first camera is on the front grille, under a pair of mirrors, as well as at the rear of the vehicle. To the rear camera can be activated automatically when the gearshift into reverse gear. Yet another camera can be activated automatically when the car drove at speeds over 10 km / h or you activate manual.

Nissan note interior is quite simpe and simple. Centre cluster that has the shape of an upright and flat design gives the impression of simplicity is pinned by nissan on new cars this 2013. For ac controls look similar to the nissan nissan march. But for audio entertainment, nissan lengkao give head unit with touchscreen technology sebeesar 5. 8-inch, bluetooth and navigation system google google service points of interest (POIs google) to track the locations closest around you.

Nissan's latest note this 2013 can be equipped with a small 2 engine options. The first machine is

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