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Yamaha Motor Price Latest All New Vixion 2013 Fuel Injection1

Yamaha Motor Price Latest All New Vixion 2013 Fuel Injection1
Aulia Puspa April 24, 2013 Motor Laki, Motorcycle, Yamaha - Newest Price Yamaha Vixion 2013. Motorcycles that are in demand in the Indonesian market is now re-produced with a new design that is more sporty, this bike facelift both figures show that the motor is suitable and compact for ditunggai young people today. After the previous round vixion facelift lights and lamp black steel afterwards. With the body still slim as the previous version, suitable vixion maneuver on the highway, what else is currently using fuel injection technology that dikalim more powerful and efficient fuel consumption, evidenced by the distance that can be taken for each liter of gasoline could reach 46 km, ie 6 miles farther than the old engine. Because this technology is introduced with the motor jargon "fuel injection V-Ixion lightning". (Read also: Advantages And Disadvantages Lightning Yamaha Vixion 2013)

In terms of appearance, it looks completely new turn of this can be seen from the head lamp, side body, rear lights, until the fuel tank is now made slightly larger than before, perhaps because a lot of complaints from customers for this type of old tanks were deemed too small and far from being macho. On the exhaust also has a new design that is the new black color with the addition of aluminum on the edges, in addition to the latest vixion tire is also designed with a smaller red stripe sporty, smaller tire shape to reduce friction and increase the performance of new motorcycle Indonesia Here you are.

Car Prices Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2013 In Indonesia0

Car Prices Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2013 In Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Price Cars, Mitsubishi, SUV - Price Mitsubishi Outlander 2013 Indonesia. This car is perfect for those of you who like to invite your family to travel to distant lands, but with a wide range of consumer goods you are pretty much at the same time. In Indonesia, this car will compete with other new cars, the most recent was from Kia has just launched the All New Kia Sorento 2013 Indonesia.

Family of mitsubishi car's exterior looks fierce and quite attractive and there is a slight resemblance to his brother, the mitsubishi lancer. The lines of the body, combined multireflektor headlights, front grille which is integrated with the front bumper, and the front bumper and fog lights can indicate more sporty impression different from mitsubishi offer to you.

Maserati Ghibli Shown In Car Exhibition Shanghai Auto Show 20130

Maserati Ghibli Shown In Car Exhibition Shanghai Auto Show 20130
Aulia Puspa April 26, 2013 Automotive News, Maserati, Sedan - Maserati Ghibli in Indonesia? Among the cars that interest in the exhibition of the Shanghai Auto Show 2013 Maserati Ghibli. The car debuted at the exhibition which was held on 21 april to 29 april 2013, in China.

Ghibli is one of the cars maserati to achieve the main goal, which is to sell 50,000 units of cars per year. This means that this latest car holds absolute function in conjunction with the sale maserati quattrporte car introduced at the Detroit Motor Show 2013 last. Here is a quick overview of the profile maserati Ghibli. To carry out the mission of the Maserati certainly will not forget that during Indonesia's sales accounted for many years for car brands such as Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.

Ghibli, Maserati Sedan Secondary

Ghibli name in the line-up is not new maserati. Due to the years 1967 - 1973 and 1992 - 1997, maserati Ghibli launched with a two-door coupe format. But for 2013, the party changed its format maserati luxury four-door sedan into the middle class. Therefore when marketed later this sedan will soon compete with rivals such tight Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes E-class.

From the exterior, this latest Ghibli comes with a futuristic design that is not inferior to the Quattroporte. Lines are made rounded lines seem to dominate the appearance of this luxury sedan. Placement and shape Ghibli headlights look similar to the Quattroporte. Only the main light Ghibli comes with a smaller size. Sloping hood is designed to reduce the obstacle wind while driving. Cars with 18 inch rim size has a back side of the elegant shape and luxurious. In addition to the use of sporty ditujukkan 4 pieces of exhaust.

Then to the side of the cabin, designers maserati trying to incorporate elements of sporty and luxurious. Interior Ghibli was also overwhelmed by the variety of materials that have high quality. Operation buttons on the steering wheel and the cockpit are positioned such that

Toyota Grand New Fortuner Diesel 2013 The Bertenaga0

Toyota Grand New Fortuner Diesel 2013 The Bertenaga0
Aulia Puspa April 26, 2013 New Car, SUV, Toyota - Toyota Fortuner Diesel 2013. Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) said the latest Fortuner 2013, in response to the wishes of the customers who want performance fortuner diesel engines are more powerful, and not sluggish. Toyota fortuner hitherto experienced significant sales growth as the market leader in the segment SUV 4 × 2. In fact in the first half of 2012 has been sold a number of 10. 000 units, said Johnny. But it is quite disturbed by the presence of the All New Honda CRV 2013 in Indonesia at the end of 2012 yesterday. As well as at the beginning of 2013 the sales of all new honda crv are masters of the SUV market in Indonesia.

Well, if you know the turbo diesel version will come out, be patient a little better, said of one of the administrators of the fan community fortuner Indonesia (Indonesian fortuner club) during the question and answer press conference launching new grand fortuner diesel 2. 5 g VNT in mango tree bistro cafe, epiwalk, jakarta (8/8). The reason is, because it offers a new suv power and better engine performance.

By outward appearances, or it has not changed much from the 2012 types currently circulating in the market. At Grand New Fortuner Diesel VNT, bagiaan outer surface there hood scoop hood that acts as a vent for the intercooler. Furthermore, section vnturbo baggage door emblems attached.

Beyond all of that is entirely new car toyota remained similar to the previous version. Example, 2 kd-ftv engine, 2. 500 cc, common rail which is mated to a 4 speed transmission remain the same as the previous version. But after applying variable nozzle turbo (VNT) can provide greater air pressure at lower engine speed than the regular-sized turbocharger with intercooler plus same. Finally, a greater torque at low engine speed and power increase.

Based on a technical note, the Grand New Fortuner Diesel can catapult power of 144 ps (initially 102 ps) at 3. 400 rpm with a maximum torque of 35. 0 kgm (at first 26. 5 kgm) at engine speed. 600-2. 800 rpm. But for the suspension and braking systems

New 2013 Nissan Note car Launched In Eropa0

New 2013 Nissan Note car Launched In Eropa0
Aulia Puspa April 25, 2013 Automotive News, Hatchback, Nissan - Nissan Note 2013 Indonesia. Nissan car has just been launched also Europe after its debut in Japan for wheel to the right of the model last year 2012. The next car is also featured in the exhibition geneva motor show 2013.

Nissan assembles the car in sunderland, UK. Future hatchback nissan's latest tight akang compete with cars in the same segment as ford fiesta, volkswagen polo as well as from fellow Japanese rivals like the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz. Nissan does not provide the same touch on nissan note especially the European market in the driving position, suspension and chassis that look a little different to the european market prefers more rigid control.

The European version is quite complete with a variety of safety features. This car is equipped with a security system keyless entry with push start / stop engine button, 6 airbags and cruise control on the series its highest. The most advanced of these cars are equipped with features like a feature SAFETY active blind spot warning, lane departure warning and moving object detection.

Blind sport warning acts as a third eye for the driver to be able to see parts of the "blind spot" car. When a car driver's view obstructed another object, then the blind spot warning can give you an idea as well as a warning to the voice message. But the line departure warning may give a warning when the car changing lanes at high speed.

Cameras to monitor the eye for a blind spot warning is pretty much a given in the new nissan note. Noted there are 4 cameras in new nissan note. The first camera is on the front grille, under a pair of mirrors, as well as at the rear of the vehicle. To the rear camera can be activated automatically when the gearshift into reverse gear. Yet another camera can be activated automatically when the car drove at speeds over 10 km / h or you activate manual.

Nissan note interior is quite simpe and simple. Centre cluster that has the shape of an upright and flat design gives the impression of simplicity is pinned by nissan on new cars this 2013. For ac controls look similar to the nissan nissan march. But for audio entertainment, nissan lengkao give head unit with touchscreen technology sebeesar 5. 8-inch, bluetooth and navigation system google google service points of interest (POIs google) to track the locations closest around you.

Nissan's latest note this 2013 can be equipped with a small 2 engine options. The first machine is

Yamaha Mio GT 2013 Laris Manis Di Indonesia0

Yamaha Mio GT 2013 Laris Manis Di Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 25, 2013 Motor Matik, Motorcycle, Yamaha - Motorcycles Yamaha Mio GT 2013. After more than a month was launched in Indonesia in February or rather yesterday. 2013 Yamaha mio GT can be sold beyond expectations yamaha pt Indonesian manufacturing (YIMM). Yamaha mio yamaha gt according to the statistics can sell 20,000 units per month. But at the beginning of February the launch of its release it has sold a total of 33 motors. 938 units or more rose 60% compared with yamaha sales forecast.

Eko Prabowo, gm marketing communications and the development of Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia mentioning compass reporters that "mio gt successful start with the first step was satisfactory. We expect the following months sales is increasing, "he explained.

With overall sales were quite surprising. Yamaha mio accounted for 29 gt recorded. 8% of all sales for yamaha automatic motorcycles that month was recorded sales of 113. 508 units in February 2013. The sale is one that is mio soul gt with 33. 646 units, yamaha mio j 31. 238 units as well as new bike yamaha xeon rc number 11. 135 units.

With sales exceeding gt yamaha mio expectations, yamaha Indonesia believes can restore the automatic motorcycle market share once they mastered first before appearing at first like many competitors today. Now this yamaha motor sport market is also dominated by variants lightning yamaha v-Ixion, Byson, and Scorpio and accounted for 79% market share of motor sport.

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Verza Honda Motorcycle 150 cc, Honda Successor Tiger0

Verza Honda Motorcycle 150 cc, Honda Successor Tiger0
Aulia Puspa April 24, 2013 Honda, Laki Motor, Motorcycle - 150 cc 2013 Honda Verza Indonesia. Honda has just unveiled its newest motorcycle in Indonesia, the motorcycle is a Honda Verza 150 cc, motorcycles are included in the segment of motor sport is quite similar to his brother briefly CB150R are also only a few weeks ago started to pave the early 2013's. The presence of this motorcycle completes the line up for the category honda motor man. Coupled with the honda verza there were 5 variants of motor sport or motorcycle manufacturer Honda man who sold in Indonesia.

Furthermore what are the advantages possessed by this vehicle? Not only has the form mantab, is said to be the motor vehicles with fuel efficiency super efficient! Imagine it with a liter of petrol new honda motorcycles can travel a distance of 160 km. It's not economical? But the consumption of such materials you must meet

Test Drive Car Review 2013 All New Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLX L0

Test Drive Car Review 2013 All New Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLX L0
Aulia Puspa April 29, 2013 City Car, Suzuki, Test Drive - Review 2013 All New Suzuki Swift GLX. Viewed from various angles suzuki swift car appear almost flawless compact overall design looks very harmonious and even more so for one year after the purchase of this car feels far from obsolete. This assessment is not too much although the second generation where the car new in 2013 still has a figure not much different but can hit multiple lawannnya are also located in the city car segment sub-compact. No wonder, if all new swift success awarded car of the year in 26 countries, with and already two million units sold worldwide.

Then, although there are some minor changes. For the third generation, and the most recent version of the Suzuki Swift, zoom looks better than its predecessor. Designed to follow the trend in small Kalas hatctback with more stylish, fun and economical.

With the attractive appearance of the interior and exterior is handsome beyond, suzuki swift japan combines elements are loaded with quality and dynamism of such vehicles from Europe.


Futuristic exterior
Seats are very comfortable
The trip enjoyable

Limited headroom for rear passengers
Only small 1.4 L engine

For the exterior, the manufacturers obviously want to play it safe. With a little change of course because the market had already liked the design of the previous generation swift, this is evidenced by the increasing sales results. Therefore, in this latest swift did not experience much change significantly. Not wrong if you think the old look new swift and because no distinction is pretty clear with the type sembelumnya.

When viewed from a distance will look similar, but when viewed more closely, at least this new swift sport to have a larger headlights and extends to the rear, giving the impression of a dynamic and aggressive. Lattice grille also get a turn, the model to follow style Kizashi, suzuki flagship sedan. Furthermore, the body will be retained but not with glass design, which is now more tapered from the front to the back door. And viewed from the side rather similar to the nissan juke.

Suzuki Splash 2013 Now Available Transmission options Matic0

Suzuki Splash 2013 Now Available Transmission options Matic0
Aulia Puspa April 28, 2013 Automotive News, New Cars, Suzuki - Suzuki Splash Transmission Matik Indonesia. After being delayed a few weeks, PT. Suzuki launches next Indosales suzuki splash automatic transmission today (04/27/2013). Located in one of the shopping centers in Karawaci, the car that was in the city car segment of the class will be able to satisfy customers is indeed a car that had been waiting for the presence suzuki splash automatic transmission for a long time. Especially in women who prefer a car with automatic transmission, because it is easier to operate than a manual transmission car. It is common knowledge if a girl is more like something that is not complicated.

Tuilan Davy, director of marketing 4w PT. Suzuki Indomobil sales suzuki splash automatic mention that the import was imported intact from india. In other words, this car is categorized as CBU cars are cars that are not assembled in Indonesia. There are so many cars on the market CBU Indonesia. The price is also able to be more competitive when compared to suzuki splash with manual transmission generation ago, he said on the sidelines of the launch of suzuki splash automatic.

Although imported from India, but Alan convinced that the existing stock will be able to meet consumer demand in Indonesia. Subject is confirmed by endro nugroho, director of sales 4w pt. Suzuki Indomobil Sales. We have considered all the possibilities. If in fact the greater the desire, we will ask for adding a new stock car in Indonesia. Clearly, we do not want a stock car tight and require indent too long, he said.

Not only the automatic transmission, suzuki splash automatic also undergone some changes in recent facelift 2013. Among these are the front grille that took the checkered design. For the price of this 2013 suzuki splash automatic priced at Rp 151 million.

Road Test Car Reviews 2013 Daihatsu Terios, SUV 7 Penumpang0

Road Test Car Reviews 2013 Daihatsu Terios, SUV 7 Penumpang0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Daihatsu, SUV, Test Drive - Review of 7 Passenger Daihatsu Terios 2013. Is a car that looks stylish and spearheading SUV Daihatsu car sales in Indonesia. With the appearance of a strange strange not proven 7 passenger cars may interest the customer. Moreover affordable by all people. Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Rush G may be classified in that category. Practical in terms of both dimensions and specifications of the engine, the fundamental differences in the long-wheelbase Terios variant and rush g is the seven-seater Terios that (7-seater) and the car is fully assembled in Indonesia.


Many of Storage
Good Visibility
The cabin relief
Cheap Price

Car Interior Design Too Meriah
Cars Not To Speed
Exterior and interior

Terios continues to maintain its uniqueness as a 7 seater car, with significant changes only in the length dimension. The new wheelbase was increased to 85mm make the rear passengers now sits just above the rear axle, and the d-pillar window becomes longer.

Party claims Daihatsu Terios variant short wheelbase / five-seater (5-seater) as a true off-roader that has a locking 4wd full time as one of the flagship features, 7-seater variant of this is intended as a simple rear-wheel drive car that has a ground clearance fairly and fit for use in the fields of urban low intensity. To better describe it, this car has a departure angle 38, 5 degrees and minimum ground clearance of 200mm.

Upright figure, somewhat boxy, as well as delivering high roomy cabin area. The second line has a separate sitting area that can be laid out or folded, and folded the rear seats to get extra luggage space approximately 600 liters.

The features of which are presented on the Terios, not just audio and immobilizer system,

Road Test Car Reviews LTZ 2013 Chevrolet Spin 1.5 M/T0

Road Test Car Reviews LTZ 2013 Chevrolet Spin 1.5 M/T0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Chevrolet, New Cars, Test Drive - Review LTZ 2013 Chevrolet Spin Indonesia. Chevrolet stories in the segment of low mpv will be an interesting journey when rivals had already been paved in Indonesia blocking call it names quite familiar like toyota avanza-daihatsu xenia or Ertiga Suzuki as a bully and dominance avanza xenia.

For information to refresh your memory, since the last display at IIMS 2012. The presence of most new cars chevrolet mpv low for Indonesia's market is often a topic of conversation. Chevrolet spin now present in Indonesia with a very serious thanks to the full support of the manufacturer of general motors that build factories in Bekasi.

Chevrolet Spin dating to Indonesia with a choice of diesel and petrol engines. Chevrolet top spin is the LTZ variant with petrol engine, 5-liter manual transmission. This variant is here that deserves to be a rival to the three cars mentioned above competitors.


Cheaper Price
Most Powerful In-Class engine

Hard Seat Chairs
Pillar A Compromising Position

Chevrolet exterior touches spin adopt hummer style. It's not just making it up. Talk about spin chevrolet designers, we will get the name of someone named mathew j noone who also merupkan hummer car designer. He is the head designer for the spin chevrolet car.

Bongsor style american style appearance is indeed fairly obvious in chevrolet spin. Do not forget to say spindle grille design that is in every global car chevrolet now become the first impression you can see from this mpv.

Design of large-sized projector lamp illumination guarantees clear in the evening time. Modern design takes the form of leaves with tapering ends and merges with the rear engine hood line. LTZ variant has features fog lamp at the bottom of the bumper as the main lighting.

Motorcycles Honda Supra X 125 Getting Striping Baru0

Motorcycles Honda Supra X 125 Getting Striping Baru0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Honda, Motor Bebek, Motorcycle - Price New Honda Supra X 2013. Striping and color has an influence on the appearance of the motorcycle. Recently, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) released a new color and striping honda supra x 125 in 2013 with a more sporty look to strengthen its position as the king of moped moped outperform its rivals from Yamaha and Suzuki.

Refresher is intended to fulfill the desire of young people who always want the pride and sporty appearance of the motorcycle. The turnover there is on display the new icon racing striping with sharper lines and added a silver gray color as the color of choice.

The plan color and new striping is to maintain a dynamic sporty design that exist today. Besides, it also can provide a more dynamic appearance on the type spoke wheel and an image of the type casting wheel racing.

Marketing director Margono ahm Tanuwijaya optimistic turn of refreshment honda supra x 125 appearances can meet the users motorcycle. "Not only a strong brand, the distinctive character honda supra x 125 as a new motor 2013 that powerful, resilient and fuel economy make this bike motors customer demand in Indonesia is very fitting because they judge to be used day-to-day activities", was released welovehonda, Friday (26/04).

Honda Supra X 125 marketed in Indonesia for Rp 14,650,000 for version spoke wheel on the road jakarta with 3 colors, namely red furious, glorious blue and silver fabulous. The variant cast wheel (CW) on the market at a price of Rp 15.7 million on the road jakarta with 4 colors namely red furious, glorious blue, silver and precious fabulous green. This type can be expected by Honda sold 30,000 units per month in 2013 this.

New Car Price All New Kia Sportage 2013 In Indonesia0

New Car Price All New Kia Sportage 2013 In Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Price Cars, Kia, SUV - Price Option and the 2013 Kia Sportage Platinum. When the car cabin is roomy, tech, sophisticated, and elegant and stylish appearance is your image of an ideal family car, the all-new Kia Sportage is the best answer for your family. Drive by suv handiwork Korean automaker is not only comfortable, but will make you feel proud because've picked suv 7 passenger cars.


Either from the front, side or rear, this suv looks dashing in a solid body like new toyota fortuner 2013. Subject is because the design multireflektor headlights, front grille and front bumper combined with a pair of fog lights that are embedded in the all-new Kia Sportage is. In addition, the shape of the rear combination lamps with LED would make of the kia suv looks very classy. The contours of the body is more firmly established the image of all-new Kia Sportage a true suv car.


All-new Kia Sportage cabin can accommodate a relief capacity for 4 to 5 passengers at a time. Amazingly, the position of chair is designed ergonomically so that either the driver or passengers in the cabin of the SUV did not feel bored and tired when traveling far enough.


As cars suv, kia all new Sportage is reliable with 1,998 cc engine dual cctv hers. Combined with a 5-speed transmission (manual) or 4-speed (auto), car

Car Prices 2013 Subaru XV Indonesia Enough Bersaing0

Car Prices 2013 Subaru XV Indonesia Enough Bersaing0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Price Cars, Subaru, SUV - Price 2013 Subaru XV Indonesia. Subaru XV is a sport utilities vehicle (SUV) that is very fitting to accompany your daily life, some young executives who like the challenge of driving on a wide variety of unusual terrain such as the mountains. Furthermore, if you are ready for the challenges of the new drive by suv applied for subaru marketed in Indonesia from this?


Of outward form, suv from Japanese car manufacturer, Subaru, this looks very prestigious and exclusive. Just look at the headlights section that tapers inward, nuanced chrome trapezoidal front grille, air ducts, as well as a pair of fog lights in the front bumper. In addition, there are also LED daytime lights, side mirrors with turn indicators, combined berkelir wheels black / white, and the roof rack is not merely confirmed the impression of luxury in this Japanese SUV but also adds to the functionality offered by subaru xv.

Car Prices Latest SUV Mazda CX-5 2013 In Indonesia0

Car Prices Latest SUV Mazda CX-5 2013 In Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Price Cars, Mazda, SUV - Price Mazda CX-5 2013 Sport and Touring. By using the latest car mazda cx-5, now you can enjoy the convenience of driving with mazda typical concept of "kodo - soul of motion", complete with SKYACTIV technology sophistication for a more efficient fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are lower. Judging from the design of this car just looks different to the concept car mitsubishi pajero sport 2013, toyota fortuner 2013.


Desainn mazda cx-5 exterior looks stunning as shape projector headlamps led her, front grille, front line that resembles the wing that extends from the headlights to the grille, and fog lamps. In addition, the combination taillights also gives the impression of luxury cars made ​​by Mazda's SUV.


Inspired by sports cars that other automakers japan sport that brings the feel of the interior to make it more comfortable for the driver and like driving a sports car. The center console and audio systems equipped mid convince passengers more comfort when driving with the additional distinction of GPS technology in LCD screen dashboard allows the driver when driving.

Car tires Hankook Kinergy EX, Ban With Technology Terbaru0

Car tires Hankook Kinergy EX, Ban With Technology Terbaru0
Aulia Puspa April 30, 2013 Automotive News - Best Tires For Cars MPV. Hankook on Saturday yesterday dated 27 April 2013 re-introduce their newest tire is kinergy ex. Tire that has a specification for mpv cars in Indonesia was designed to address a wide variety of roads in Indonesia. Besides hankook, in ground water is also marketed other quality tires from Bridgestone brand tires are bridgestone duelers mt 2013.

Ex kinergy launch is the first in the Asean market. This suggests Indonesia as influential state for hankook tire market in Asia. Not only luxurious appearance, this tire has excellent features other fact.

Kinergy ex is smart tire alignment indicator with visual features or indicators of visual balance. This feature can be seen in the presence of 2 red dot on the tire tread on the inside or outside of the tire. This feature can provide a signal when the tire is up evenly or not. If not then require spooring back to make the tires evenly and can be used with prime.

Mazda VX 1 twin Suzuki Ertiga Present May 20130

Mazda VX 1 twin Suzuki Ertiga Present May 20130
Aulia Puspa April 30, 2013 Automotive News, Mazda, Suzuki - Mazda Ertiga Present VX 1 May 2013. Later this month finally the Japanese automotive manufacturer Mazda announced its cooperation with the automotive manufacturers are also derived from the Japanese Suzuki. Both the auto giant cherry country will work on low MPV market in Indonesia by Suzuki Ertiga basis. Suzuki Ertiga car as we know it has to be excellent in Indonesia and has managed to shift the dominance of the twin duo car daihatsu and toyota avanza xenia.

Takashi Yamanouchi, who served as president and CEO of Mazda Motor Corp. announced this partnership in Japan at the time of the event Mazda Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Status Report Conference.

Yamanouchi insisted that such cooperation is on the development of compact vehicle with Suzuki Ertiga use the base but using Mazda emblem. This is to emulate the success of the Avanza and Xenia. This would suggest the use Ertiga for mazda car will be named VX 1.

This news is actually quite widely heard since late last year at IIMS 2012, where the media crew saw a new car that is similar to Suzuki Ertiga but use the Mazda logo. And it turns out this is a car that dimaksut new weapon used Mazda MPV to compete in the Indonesian market.

Mazda Car VX 1 in 2013 is likely to be present in Indonesia in mid-May to complete the line up mazda cars that have already paved call it the Mazda 2, Mazda 6 Sedan, Mazda CX 5.

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Price Motor Sport New 2013 Yamaha R15 Cheaper From CBR 150 R1

Price Motor Sport New 2013 Yamaha R15 Cheaper From CBR 150 R1
Aulia Puspa April 29, 2013 Motor Sport, Motorcycle, Yamaha - Price Motor Sport Yamaha R15 2013. Yamaha R15 now already prepared a prototype to be marketed in the Indonesian market. Moreover, has several times seen through spyshot yamaha R15 caught by bloggers and spread across the Internet as well as observers of the automotive homeland. Future motor will be positioned to compete with Honda CBR 150 R that had already paved in Indonesias. With so of course the price of Yamaha R15 will not differ much compared to the price of the Honda CBR 150 R or can be even more affordable.

Price Honda CBR 150 R for sale in Indonesia with 1.20.319 price indian rupees, equivalent to 21,490,273 dollars. Yamaha R15 in India priced at a cheaper price approximately 8,000 indian rupees indian rupees 1.12.750. And if dirupiahkan Yamaha R15 has a price of Rp. 20,138,368 (in India).

And the next question is what price will be used to bring home Yamaha R15 in Indonesia? If the version of the rupiah in india, both sport bike that has different prices about 2 million dollars indian rupee version. Interestingly, if the price in Indonesia Honda CBR 150 R is priced at 35.3 million dollars, most likely if we take the price comparison yamaha india, yamaha r15 price of Indonesia should be in the price range of Rp. 33 million. And that certainly is not going to exceed the price of the Honda CBR 150 R in the figure of 35 million dollars.

Price Honda CBR 150 R STD in India

1,20.319 Indian rupees (U.S. $ 21,490,273)
Price Yamaha YZR R15

Indian Rupees 1,12,750 (U.S. $ 20,138,368)
Price Honda CBR 150 R in Indonesia

Rp. 35.3 million
Estimated price Yamaha R15 Indonesia

Rp. 33,000,000

There are 7 New Variant Newest Hino Trucks 2013 Present At Indonesia0

There are 7 New Variant Newest Hino Trucks 2013 Present At Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 29, 2013 Automotive News, HINO, Trucks - Indonesia New 2013 Hino Truck Goes Up 7 variant. Taking one of the hotels in Jakarta, PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia launches 7 new truck variants. The seven variants are divided into two segments namely 4 variants in cruising ranger with common rail engine and 3 variants in the segment ranger with a conventional engine.

Common Rail engines

Super Cruising Hino Ranger 500 FG 240 JP
Super Cruising Hino Ranger 500 FG 240 JS
Hino Ranger 500 Jumbo Cruising FL 240 JW
Hino Ranger 500 FM 285 Jumbo Cruising JW
Conventional engined Hino Ranger

Hino Super Ranger 500 FG 215 JP
Hino Super Ranger 500 FG 235 JS
Hino Ranger 500 FM 260 Jumbo TH
Toshiro mizitani, president director Pt. Hino Motor Sales Indonesia stated that the presence of this variant to-7 could bring more choice to the public. 7 we present this variant to maximize customer choice of light-medium truck cargo-heavy, he said.

He's optimistic that the presence of this variant 7 customers will be able to meet the needs for a quality truck. Hino optimistic new trucks can maximize customer productivity, maximize customer performer, maximizing the efficiency of the fuel and can further provide maximum benefit to the customers, he concluded.

2013 Mini Cooper Paceman Indonesia, look like Mobil Coupe0

2013 Mini Cooper Paceman Indonesia, look like Mobil Coupe0
Aulia Puspa April 29, 2013 Automotive News, MINI, New Cars - Pacman Mini Cooper S in 2013 in Indonesia. At the beginning of 2013, Indonesia introduced a mini market for the newest whiz homeland. On Friday (26/04) housed in a beautiful cottage arteries mini dealer, jakarta south, the British car manufacturer launched its newest types called mini cooper paceman.

Not the same as a mini cooper with a strong aura of legendary paceman present in Indonesia comes with a concept car crossover. According to Helena Abidin, corporate communications pt. Bmw Indonesia, paceman is a sports activity coupe with an attractive and unique design.

As to whether the appearance and interior car mini paceman this? Below are some brief explanations for this 2013 mini paceman.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Indonesia.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Indonesia. 2013 Hyundai santa fe grand is preparing to do its debut in Europe. Geneva motor show event in which a mainstay Hyundai's line-up can be first introduced in the European population. Yes, indeed after its release in the country of origin is Korea in late 2012 car will be on display yesterday in appealing to consumers in Europe. But in Indonesia itself is still limited in 2012 which produced en masse begins when there IIMS september last year in Jakarta. At the event itself hyundai santa fe've posted something positive with an increase in bookings since the car first exhibition was held until the exhibition closed.

First introduced at the New York auto show last year then next santa fe hyundai grand was used to adjust for the European population in the daily transportation needs. Dimensional grand santa fe hyundai car for yourself is higher than 10 mm, a width of 5 mm and 225 mm longer than the previous version sante fe. Hyundai also give a new grille, front bumper and fog lights restyled with specials designed specifically for the European market.

Despite already having a facelift or change of appearance, but does not change the hyundai engine is embedded in the latest cars this 2013. Hyundai santa fe grand remained entrusted diesel engine 2. 2 liter which can shoot up to 192 hp with a 6 speed automatic.

With the presence of the grand hyundai santa fe, then hyundai so has been able to answer the wishes of the European population suv car that can accommodate the large family at an affordable price. Considering this car can accommodate 7 passengers so it will feel more spacious than the usual SUVs like Toyota fortuner 2013-and all-new Honda CRV 2013. For the Indonesian market alone can not be sure this car will be mass produced. So we wait for further news.

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Ford EcoSport 2013 Start Marketed In Eropa0

Ford EcoSport 2013 Start Marketed In Eropa0
Aulia Puspa March 03, 2013 Automotive News, Ford, SUV - Ford EcoSport 2013 SUV Indonesia. The American car manufacturer last year that in 2012 gained some variants of two new cars ford fiesta and ford focus again confirmed its presence in the global auto market competition. Ford seems to be able to reveal the specs ford ecosport for the european market. The withdrawal is taken from the release ford, ford ecosport this week 2013 euro-spec can be introduced in the mobile world congress (MWC) in barcelona.

Ford ecosport can be fitted with ford sync technology which has been using voice-activated connectivity within the system, and ford sync AppLink technology is very likely the driver to set the tone smartphones driving time, where this is a first for ford for euro-spec.

In addition, some images ford ecosport also released that gives've been using the latest design alloy wheels, ac vents with black accents and black around dashboard with red stitching on the steering wheel.

But for ecosport ford engine on offer with three options, namely EcoBoost engine 1. 0 liter 125 ps gasoline engine 1. And 5-liter 110ps diesel engine 1. 5 liter

New look of Chevrolet Captiva 2013 Indonesia0

New look of Chevrolet Captiva 2013 Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa March 03, 2013 Automotive News, Chevrolet, SUV - New Chevrolet Captiva Facelift 2013. Chevrolet captiva your users? If so, be prepared to hear the following rejoiced. Because in Indonesia will be introduced the latest version of the Chevrolet captiva facelift with some extra features and of course the design of the car body or more charming than the previous version. For earlier versions of itself already represents a crossover design that impressed fierce, but for this latest facelift will be more special considering that every car manufacturer issued a new car in 2013 will be accompanied by an increase in the quality of the previous version.

After introduced in 2006 and then in Europe, with a variant of the compact suv this is indeed a brand new American origin once did a facelift in 2011. It was only just a refinement on the front display only.

Well, welcome geneva motor show grand exhibition in 2013 (7-17 March 2013), the parties may introduce chevrolet inform the latest variant of the captiva. Unfortunately, manufacturers from the United States is only released one photo that shows the back side of the vehicle.

The new Captiva at the back this time there with the LED rear lights. Design of the rear lights continue the same like messing generation that is currently circulating. It's just changed its layout designer chevrolet where currently there is a pair of brake lights at the top of instantaneous reverse lights and turn signal lights at the bottom. Rear bumper is also designed again and no exhaust with chrome accents.

Chevrolet captiva mention that the front side is also designed again. The revamp includes a lower front bumper, grille with new motifs, as well as fog lamps with a fresh design.

Side of the cabin also experienced changes, like leather trim and there are seven seats as an optional choice. Natural car features added, like keyless start, rear seat is equipped with a heater, as well as dual-zone climate control. For the price of this 2013 Chevrolet captiva has not been confirmed by the Chevrolet itself. We wait for the news may not be much longer officially released soon.

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Honda CRZ 2013 Indonesia, the Efficient Material Bakar0 Sport Sedan

Honda CRZ 2013 Indonesia, the Efficient Material Bakar0 Sport Sedan
Aulia Puspa March 02, 2013, Honda, New Cars, Sedan - Price Honda CRZ 2013 Indonesia. Manufacturer's latest sport sedan honda is indeed being crowded discussed by many people considering a very dynamic appearance and attractive typical high-speed sports sedan. But with a relatively cheap price compared to the existing sport sedan in the country such as Indonesia, the Toyota 86 is still above 500 million. Honda CRZ 2013, the price is still below 500 million.

This car is marketed in Indonesia with two variants: the manual transmission version 6 Acceleration worth Rp 485 million and Rp 499 million for the automatic transmission version. But the price offered today is 10 million more expensive compared to the pivot who has booked on september event IIMS in Jakarta in 2012 yesterday.

According Jonfis, public enthusiasm for the Honda CR-Z is exceeding expectations. If at first expected quite absorbed in the figure of 200 units per year, but since it was introduced in September last IIMS 2012 to the present has been ordered as many as 185 units.

2013 VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI Indonesia Competitor Nissan Juke0

2013 VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI Indonesia Competitor Nissan Juke0
Aulia Puspa March 02, 2013 New Car, SUV, Volkswagen - Price 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan Indonesia. Charm of the compact SUV in Indonesia's natural interest in the positive development also seems to be inviting the volkswagen. This subject is marked by the launch of the new variant next tiguan by PT. Garuda Mataram Motor as official vw car manufacturers on Wednesday (27/2). In Indonesia alone this car will be a tough competitor the Nissan Juke and the Mazda CX-3 considering the second type is the same car and the SUV crossover have the same model as unique.

The launching himself through the packed event volkswagen tiguans exclusive themed day, take location at carnaval beach Ancol, North Jakarta.

Carrying the true German blood, spit tiguan has begun charm of luxurious exterior design. Vw pair on the front lights

The main bi-xenon lights and dynamic cornering. To type the manufacturer provides presence highline led daytime running lights, compact suv's to look more luxurious and modern. This car looks elegant thanks to the use of chrome accents on the grille.

Chrome accents also appear to encircle the windshield side beam that can reduce up to 60%. This looks so dashing is used tiguan tire size of 17 inches. On the back there are LED tail lights with attractive design.

Indonesia's new 2013 car with a luggage capacity of 395 liters reached the carrying capacity of 1 tsi engine, 4-liter that can produce power 150 hp at 5. 800 rpm. The mechanical heart paired with dsg transmission with dual-clutch 6-speed. For peformanya, tiguan ekcepatan can reach 100 km / h from stationary situation period of 9, 2 seconds and the maximum speed for the 193 km / h. As well as to consume fuel

Automatic Transmission Suzuki Ertiga can already Booked In Indonesia0

Automatic Transmission Suzuki Ertiga can already Booked In Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa March 04, 2013 Automotive News, MPV, Suzuki - Cars 2013 Suzuki Ertiga Matic Two AC. Suzuki Ertiga has long marketed in Indonesia. But at the first mass production in Indonesia is still limited to a manual transmission and only has one AC only. This new car in 2013 to compete for the category type MPV family car with ample dimensions. This seems suitable to describe the journey Suzuki Ertiga. Just double blower air-cooled version introduced on 14 January 2013 yesterday, word got out when the automatic transmission versions also can be ordered at the suzuki dealer network.

Regardless of the truth of this story, assuming the policy PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) as APM suzuki in Indonesia to soon introduce a new variant of Ertiga automatic transmission can be defined step fitting, especially when it began to be released to the market in late March or early April 2013. Although the article is already successful duo captured a market share of Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu xenia, but the presence of spin chevrolet should also anticipated by the sis.

Yes, give freshness limited memory, where 2013 is the Ertiga Suzuki - compact mpv low variant only today that has not been equipped with the automatic transmission option. Most sources say that the Ertiga at the type gl priced at Rp 172 million and for the Ertiga at the type GX can be valued approximately USD 184 million. The prices have been on the road jakarta and surrounding areas.

For this news for enthusiasts membuktikkan Ertiga Suzuki automatic transmission should contact the nearest dealer, to prepare regular booking fee fund of Rp 5 million. Because of the possibility it could be ordered even though we still have to pivot first because stocknya is still limited.

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New 2013 Nissan Evalia Indonesia.

New 2013 Nissan Evalia Indonesia. The first quarter of 2013 seems well used by the automotive business, accounting PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) as the holder of Nissan brand in the Indonesian automotive market. Since the emergence of the first times in the country in the middle of last year this car enough attention Indonesian car consumers. Because of the unique shape than usual MPV cars and big name owned by Nissan as a car that qualified enough to increase the sales of Nissan cars in Indonesia. This car competes with other class cars such as Suzuki Ertiga 2013 and Toyota Nav 1 as a new car in 2013 Indonesia.

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 5, 2013, nmi officially launched the latest model of Nissan Evalia. Multi puRp.ose vehicle (MPV) from Japan was there with two new variants, the Nissan Evalia Evalia new nissan ST and SV. Both can be launched with the official before a few dozen journalists and the general population in the mall atrium Kasablanka city, Jakarta.

For additional info, to this day Evalia that have been circulating in Indonesia there are three variants, namely xv, sv and s. For xv and sv, nissan offer in the two parties ie automatic and manual transmissions. Instantaneous variance s just prepared a manual transmission.

Nissan Evalia in support machine 1, 5-liter DOHC, 4 cylinders, 16 valves and dual CVTC. Spec engine can produce power up to 109 hp and torque of 143 nm. Nissan Evalia whole model is priced at USD. 146 million to Rp. 192 million (Jakarta and surrounding locations).

Most Indonesian car 2013 Honda All New CRV.

Most Indonesian car 2013 Honda All New CRV. Desire automaker Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) which holds the production rights to penetrate APM Honda car sales of 100 thousand units in 2013 is at least the show a bright future. Although not yet supported by sales of the car will be introduced in the middle of this year. The Honda Indonesia had record sales of 9529 units of the car thanks to the donation site of the All New Honda CRV 2013.

This figure is higher than the 66% figure dicapa the same month in last year. That is just 5,746 units. At this year's All-New Honda CRV 2013, which has just introduced a few months ago at a price of Rp 367 million - Rp 431 million rupiah contribute up to 3000 cars in February 2013. That in the month of January only cars accounted for 2000 units.

Meanwhile another honda product is the All New Honda Jazz 2013 ranks second with a contribution of 4,890 units in the period January and February of 2013.

Pretty fantastic numbers were listed by Honda Brio which can take the number 1,440 units in February. And 444 units in January, so the total is accounted for approximately 1800 units of the car.

Furthermore, the results for honda car sales contributed by the All New Honda Oddysey to 1000 units sold in January and February 2013.

New 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI Indonesia

New 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI Indonesia. This is a vehicle variants are always much faster by a similar car in its class, the VW Golf GTI. And the expectation that further manifested by the volkswagen back in the arena geneva motor show 2013 (7-17 March 2013). VW Golf itself has been present in Indonesia for the 2012 version I have also never come across this car in the city of Malang. Maybe in Jakarta you can find car 2012 volkswagen golf even more because of the circulation of most cars are in Jakarta. Included in the class hatchback car, in their own country this car will compete with cars in its class such as the Honda Jazz 2013 and New Cars Chevrolet Spin 2013.

The latest generation golf gti mkvii there with improvements in most sectors. One of them is at the heart of a mechanical direct injection turbocharged 2, 0-liter inline 4-cylinder. This machine can burst power up to 220 hp for the standard version. For the first time also, vw offer performance booster pack with power up to 230 hp. For device supplies power to the wheels, which are interested can determine the 6-speed manual transmission or optional 6-speed dsg.

Standard variant can accelerate from rest to a speed point of 100 km / h in just 6, 4 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of just 250 km / h.

The exterior design also naturally turn, in front of which there is honeycomb patterned grille and red accents that no transverse to the main light. Fog lights are now placed vertically and accompanied by black lines. On the side of the golf gti 17 inch rim size obtained with a sporty motif. As well as to the side behind the three-door car with no rear lights led with dark shades, twin exhaust with chrome accents, and a rear diffuser.

For the interior, this 2013 new car has the same design with golf gtd like a sport-style seats with plaid, three-wheel bars with the flat side down, and the ceiling is black.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST cars marketed in America

2014 Ford Fiesta ST cars marketed in America. Already in the first year after the emergence of mass-produced cars ford fiesta has become the backbone to increase car sales ford. With a design that is always updated to keep up with its competitors to win the hearts of consumers the car. Ford Fiesta indeed have a series of performance to lure customers. Combination of a line and the exterior section of advanced features on the cab of the vehicle, making many customers chose it as a favorite car in the hedonistic urban locations.

Also, when news of the policy has been the introduction of ford fiesta st 2014 model various types of consumers have been waiting for from the young to the father of the father, may also include you in it. Because of his looks, ford fiesta st 2014 looks more aggressive, trendy and modern in appeal previous generation Ford Fiesta 2013.

In their home country, namely the United States, ford fiesta st 2014 priced at USD 22,195 or USD. 213.7 million (exchange rate of Rp. 9630) with shipping cost USD 795 or USD. 7.6 millions. The price is more expensive USD 6,800 or USD. 65.4 millions of standard model ford fiesta type S, which is pegged at USD 15,395 or USD. 148.2 million (already calculated shipping costs).

Ford uses the engine capacity of 1.6 liter four-cylinder EcoBoost (best engine in the world) and a 6 speed manual transmission. This machine is able to produce maximum power up to 197 hp with peak torque of 290 nm.

New Hyundai i10 cars in 2013 Indonesian

New Hyundai i10 cars in 2013 Indonesian. Not the same as in the Indonesian market, customer interest in variants hyundai i10 city car rental Europe, India and South Korea continue to evolve positively. Photo hyundai genesis that other photo spyshot 2014.

Simple indication, Hyundai Motor Company has prepared the latest generation of the tiny variants. The move reportedly prepared to block the rate of several European locations kompetitornyadi delivered olehvolkswagen, seat and skoda.

Autoevolution.Com, Saturday (2/3) majority released new hyundai i10 spyshot photo being circulated on the streets. Most website launch automotive world, the latest generation i10 is predicted to be launched later in 2014, or maybe sooner than expected.

Not only that, rumors also say that the new car 2013, which can be produced for the global market, the idea in the United States market to carry the name hyundai briliant. 1 engine, 1-liter CRDi turbo diesel can be infiltrated with a 74 hp power grab.

Now, if only the news abroad has been widely reported, we must live watch pt hyundai car news from Indonesia. If all this looks citycar hyundai i10 looks like a short but high, then the new generation Hyundai can improve so he looks really interesting.

Latest Hyundai i10 can seem as longer and more gentle, with a design that is not conservative, especially if we look at the design flow tapered side window pillar rearward until c.

Designed to fit the grill shortly hallmark hyundai, but the headlights gain touch with the greater design and sharp. Then looked at the face of aggression citycar this hyundai.

Features of the latest i10 inspired by models like the new i20 and i30. This can reportedly be offered in 3 and 5 door configurations, with a choice of two engines with a capacity of 1. 0 and 1 liter 3 cylinder. 2-liter 4-cylinder.

Hyundai i10 can do premiere debut at the frankfurt motor show at the mo. September 2013. Hyundai India to introduce it at the end of 2013 or at the auto expo in noida th. Home.

Well, we stayed just waiting for PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia also take him to Indonesia may be in 2014.

Latest cars Suzuki Splash 2013

Latest cars Suzuki Splash 2013. According to news from the PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales as car manufacturers Suzuki Splash will display the latest facelift earlier this year rather late in March 2013. But from his own party suzuki not sure what the date for this 2013 car will be mass produced in Indonesia.

This news seems to be true because, according to sales data in 2012 Gaikindo yesterday city car sales are on the rise in Indonesia. Including the sale of city car suzuki splash.

Even car sales in a given month is able to outperform its competitors some sort of nissan march and Daihatsu Sirion. And the car is quite phenomenal that Honda Brio 2013 that kicked off the first time since its launch in late 2012 IIMS ago.

Expected with the facelift of the car will increase the sales of Suzuki. Suzuki splash on the latest facelift has also been up in Japan and India. We're just waiting for the time the car arrived in Indonesia and mass produced.

Japan and India Suzuki Splash's been updated

Substitution is very apparent in the exterior part of the car. On the front there is the latest splash with checkered grille. Front bumper and fog lamps were also designed small car again until it looks more attractive. On the side we can see the rim with the new design.

The moment for the Indian as well as behind the Japanese version there is a small difference. For the Indian version called maruti suzuki ritz it has the exact same design with current generation that circulated in Indonesia. Subject only distinguishing presence on the roof spoiler. But for the Japanese version has a rear bumper with a new design and equipped with air ducts.

The moment for either side splash cabin is in japan and india cd player in there with the cockpit section being. Indicator settings remain ac take the kind of play like the current generation. On the instrument panel remain white speedometer and multi-information display (MID) at the bottom. Tachometers are placed separately maintained by the maruti-suzuki.

Beneath the hood, suzuki remain entrusted engine capacity 1. 200 cc inline 4-cylinder and equipped with VVT (Variable Valve Timing). The mechanical heart can generate power of 85 hp at 6. 000 rpm. For transmission on offer in two options, namely manual and automatic. Possibility PT. SIS will include automatic transmission option given the traffic conditions in Jakarta are more solid. In the Japanese market, the splash is sold with a CVT transmission.

So what is the latest splash price estimate is currently sold in Indonesia later? The possibility of this car can be priced at the price of Rp. 140 millions in Jakarta already on the road.

New Suzuki SX4 cars in 2013 Indonesian

New Suzuki SX4 cars in 2013 Indonesian. Most grand automobile exhibition in Europe, namely the Geneva Motor Show 2013 which was held on 7-17 March is the car manufacturers will race the race to showcase its latest line up of cars. One of them is foreign car manufacturer Suzuki Sakura who do not want to miss the newest car introduced second generation SX4. Since its emergence in Indonesia a few years ago that the first generation was enough to attract attention, this is evidenced by the increase in sales figures get and now Suzuki has prepared the latest cars by 2013 Indonesia issued a 2013 Suzuki X-Over in Indonesia.

Display Dimension Greater Suzuki SX4

Latest generation of X-Over is made to follow the concept of the Suzuki S-Cross who had first introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2012 ago. But this time made a few changes in order to look more proportional SX 4 to be used as a daily vehicle. At the front of the car's grille comes with loncong shaped headlights and wider than the old version. Additionally under the main lights are LED Daytime Running Lights that have become the latest trend in the automotive world. Become increasingly attractive appearance with some additional chrome accents.

For the back side of the SX4 has an elegant exterior design with LED lights. For safety when driving this car has been equipped with a pair of reflrktor lights and rear fog lights are placed in the rear bumper. So this crossover type car looks dashing, Suzuki gave the silver cladding on the front, side, and rear.

Side of the car cabin has an elegant design with black color that dominates. Absolute majority operating button is placed on the steering wheel as well as for the operation of the other buttons in the cockpit there are. Overhaul of a very important part in this latest SX4 much luggage capacity is greater, which is 430 liters. This is definitely a good improvement since the first generation in just 270 liters capacity.

Compared Suzuki Ertiga All New Daihatsu Xenia.

Compared Suzuki Ertiga All New Daihatsu Xenia. Because the editorial team has received two press releases from APM Daihatsu (PT Astra Daihatsu Motor - ADM) and Suzuki (PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales - SIS), in which according to the info to the APM-2 Data Ertiga Suzuki new car sales during the month of February 2013 more daihatsu xenia high appeal.

2nd month 2013 or February return so rather special event for the suzuki Indonesia, after successfully recorded unit sales of 14 909 (whole sales) as well as 13 635 units (retail sales).

Release of the data to the APM-2, Ertiga Suzuki sales in 2013 exceeded 6,784 units daihatsu xenia moment of 6,283 units. When referring to the whole sales data is indeed true, but with retail sales growing daihatsu xenia, said Amelia Tjandra, marketing director pt adm.

By amelia, this subject is because production capacity is Daihatsu has full capacity and can not be added again.

Daihatsu xenia retail sales data throughout the month of February alone reached 5,837 units, the PT SIS moment that we call not give further info about the retail sales data from Suzuki Ertiga.

PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales thanked the few customers who already rely on suzuki transportation purposes, as well as the entire dealer in Indonesia for its cooperation during service as well as product sales suzuki vehicles. Success in the month of February 2013, the desirable so a good starting point to perform much better will added for future months months like March and April, bright Endro Nugroho, 4w sales director at PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales.

All New Honda City 2013 Safest Cars

All New Honda City 2013 Safest Cars ASEAN. Back honda car manufacturer was awarded the prestigious ASEAN NCAP in February yesterday. In the category of safety protection that is driving their new cars All New Honda City in 2013 to be the best. By getting 5 stars (highest) in various aspects of NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next to Indonesia.

In this event the New Honda City gets a perfect rating in adult occupant protection and children. In the category of all new honda city got rid of the 23 nominated vehicles such as all new vios 2013, toyota altis and honda new accord.

New honda city is equipped with various safety features. ABS braking plus EBD braking system has finished in the standard Honda product. Double pretensioners with load limiters on the seat belts in the front or in the back. Do not forget the dual SRS front airbags to protect passengers' safety.

Honda also pinned on product safety advantage especially in kendarannya plan. G-con (G-Force Control Technology) is a security technology in the framework of the vehicle or car as in a race car that has a very strong bias frame withstand great shock when the car rolled.

This safety test is done the first time since its foundation in 2011 NCAP asean ago. Asean NCAP is a stand-alone agency to test the quality of automotive products in south east asia. ASEAN NCAP employment held in the global new car assessment program (GNCAP) with malaysian institute of road safety research (MIROS).

Valco Toyota Etios car in 2013

Valco Toyota Etios car in 2013. The new car seems to make a passionate automotive fans in Indonesia. To compete with the Honda Brio 2013 in the presence of a very successful Indonesian consumers attractive cars in Indonesia that penetrate several sales records. Now the toyota is trying to compete with enthusiasm by the presence of Toyota Etios Valco. It is at least portrayed in the show Toyota Dealer Convention 2013, which took place this March in Bali.

In the event the Toyota Indonesia sales target to be achieved Etios Valco in the number 19 thousand units with a market share of 30% so far in 2013. Although they knew that the target will not be easy karen a lot of city car rivals the best in Indonesia and the kind of nissan march mitsubishi mirage. Not to mention the spin chevrolet chevrolet 2013 also launched a new bari Indonesia this.

Besides, it is also in the event, the Toyota is targeting sales of 480 thousand units in 2013 with a market share of 40 per cent of the total market sales of Toyota's car production. This significant rise approximately 74. 586 units of these rates in 2012 is 405. 414 units.

As an illustration The association in 2012, the city car market is filled with brio honda, mitsubishi mirage, nissan march, kia picanto, suzuki splash Daihatsu Sirion and can be sold 42. 442 units.

Back to the issue Etios Valco, reportedly variant city car has can be ordered at the Toyota dealer network. Moment of the 3 variants were released, the Etios Valco JM / T priced at Rp 135.5 million, Etios Valco EM / T Rp. 149.9 million, and the top variant of Etios Valco GM / T for Rp. 161.6 million.

In comparison rival as new car prices, Honda Brio 1. 3 EM / T for USD 165.5 million, Mitsubishi Mirage 1. 2 exceed A / T for USD 165 million as well as the Nissan March 1. 2 XS A / T for USD 168.2 million.

Car Tata Aria and Vista 2013

Car Tata Aria and Vista 2013. New car manufacturers who will market their products in Indonesia, namely PT Tata Motors Indonesia (TMI) is getting serious about competing cars attract consumers in the country. This marked the official announcement of the launch of the two latest variants of their cars in the middle of this year more precisely between the months of July and August 2013. This statement expressed by the official spokesman of TMI on this day March 11, 2013.

The launch was carried out after the last few years the TATA motors is busy building a brand, building official and building a training center authorized dealers across Java and Bali. It is used to improve customer service for the sale and car maintenance, spare parts to TATA motors the latest promo for consumers to get maximum service.

For this first occasion the TMI will launch the hatchback segment car for Tata Vista 2013. The launch of this hatchback small car based on the change in the mindset of consumers to use smaller cars for everyday accommodation in cities or in villages.

Not forgetting also the Tata also enliven the market with production of Tata Aria crossover that has a drive wheel 4 × 2 and 4 × 4. In addition to Tata also launches a family car that is Tata Super Ace. With economic growth in Indonesia is getting better and a population of Indonesia is getting easier to have a new car to make optimistic the Tata Motors to compete in the automotive market with large companies such as Honda, Toyota and Daihatsu.

Product is awaited regarding nano system in 2013 in Indonesia, for now this is indeed released in Indonesia has not been able to close the period. Tmi parties remain still testing and doing market research before entering the finalization step launch.

Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

New 2013 Porsche 911 GT3

New 2013 Porsche 911 GT3. In 1963, his debut in the Porsche 911 int ernational automotive show. Currently turn the Geneva Motor Show 2013 as a witness to the presence of the latest Porsche 911 GT3 legend. This car can be championed a new sheet for sports cars for Porsche.

The first generation Porsche appeared in 1963. 911 construction is quite unique because of the engine on the back (not just looking back). 911 acting as the successor of the Porsche 356. Pingin prefix named 901, but Peugeot protested that the new cars sold in France can not use the letter 0 in the if peugeot, until his name to 911. Originally pingin 911 replaced by 928, but not necessarily, and subsequently in 1975, the 911 was replaced with a new model that ironically still called 911 but coded 930.

Most turn provide benefits Porsche then worked best performer. Porsche 911 GT3 uses the body with strong material but easy. When the body is made 911 carrera now made of aluminum and steel, the Porsche 911 GT3 also uses the same material on the front and rear.

Moment for the power source, use a Porsche 911 GT3 boxer engine 3, 8 liter capacity that produced 475 horsepower (350 kw) at 8250 rpm engine speed, which is distributed to multiple transmission Porsche (PDK).

Finally? Porsche 911 GT3 new record, which can accelerate from 0-100 km / h 3.5 sec period. But the speed of 200 km / h can be achieved within less than 12 seconds, and the high speed is 315 km / hour. Moment the best time on the Nürburgring Nordschleife by this new Porsche 911 GT3 is under 7:30 minutes.

Price All New Honda CRV 2013 Indonesia

Price All New Honda CRV 2013 Indonesia. Honda names certainly not foreign to the ears of some automotive enthusiasts in the country. So also with its SUV product line that is always able to meet much less exceed the expectations bestowed on him. Inside this issue, Honda CRV 2013 at least deserves to be an option when you take into account who is buying a new car is powered and can be relied on in any terrain.


The outside appearance is the latest SUV made by Japanese automaker, Honda, is expressly reflect the feel of luxury in addition to attractive. This is thanks to the design of the front grille that juts into the main lamp hid her and turn indicators on side mirrors. In addition, the design and the large airways in the front bumper Honda CRV 2013 confirms that it is not just any type of SUV car family, but something sporty SUV. Unfortunately, it does not look a pair of fog lights come on the front bumper pinned Honda SUV's latest besutannya.

But, judging by the stern design, rear fog lamps look a squeeze Honda CRV 2013 is something middle-class SUV. Currently, Honda applied vertical taillights in the top of the body, like the rear lights have a toyota avanza or xenia daihatsu latest. It's just that, a Honda CRV 2013, loom large.


From the exterior, we move to the interior which is offering its latest SUV Honda at this time. Overall, the interior of the Honda CRV 2013 feel comfortable thanks to the ergonomic chair design is clad in high-quality materials. Dashboard and center console design also looks modern but simple is not confusing for drivers to operate them time.

For driver comfort, the gear lever is positioned on the center console and steering wheel are 3 SUV is also equipped with a set of buttons that make driving arrangements became more practical. The instrument panel also shows clearly the info about driving a car as well, thanks to the intelligent-screen multi-information display (i-MID) that Honda instilled in her SUV, the driver must no longer lose all the driving directions CRV 2013.

2013 Honda CRV cabin is also equipped with econ mode, cruise control, cooling unit for the rear cabin and baggage area is quite a relief, amounting to 1,658 liters when the rear seats folded. In the normal situation in which all the seats in use, there is a luggage capacity of 589 liters. In addition, for the convenience of all there is in the journey, Honda also participated include an audio system equipped with AUX and USB port.

Price All New Honda Freed 2013.

Price All New Honda Freed 2013. New Honda Freed is a family car that is ideal for a large family in Indonesia are dynamic with a high level of mobility. New honda freed exterior looks very interesting thanks to the design of the lights, grille, and front bumper are modern. Body lines are firmly in every facet of the car also gives the impression of sporty family car made by the car manufacturer's cherry country. As well as, stern section, the rear lights are unique and attractive design that is different from most cars like the Nissan Evalia MPV and Toyota NAV 1.

(Read also: Feature Latest Features Latest Honda Freed 2013)


From the interior, all new honda freed fairly comfortable ride. Ergonomic seat design that can make anyone feel at home sitting in it, especially for a relatively long time when traveling far. Digital instrument panel also adds modern family cars made by Honda's. Its dashboard design and the wide variety of storage areas in the cabin make new honda freed more comfortable to drive.


For the components under the hood, new honda freed entrust 16v 1500 cc engine with a SOHC i-vtec 4-cylinder. Combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission, this engine can give a maximum power of 118 ps at 6600 rpm and maximum torque of 14.9 kgm at 4. 800 rpm.

Price New Honda Freed 2013

Freed A A / T
Freed E A / T
Freed S A / T

To support the new driving safety freed, honda car already equip it with a variety besutannya safety features. These features include ventilated disc brakes (front), drum brakes (rear), ABS, EBD, BA, dual SRS airbags, and seat belts 3-point and 2-point already exists on this new car.

Price New Kijang Innova 2013

Price New Kijang Innova 2013. Carrying the family car design with a large dimension, the previous generation Toyota Innova bias can be proven to be a favorite choice for your family. Currently, the turn of a new generation of Toyota's MPV shows its superiority compared to other cars in its class such as the All New Nissan Serena and Suzuki Ertiga 2013.


Toyota Innova is the latest generation of this Japanese car manufacturer has its own charm thanks to the new design on some parts. Headlights with multireflektor enough to add interest. In addition, a pair of fog lamps in the front bumper also implies more sporty impression of a young boy. Furthermore, the combination taillights seem to captivate anyone who melihatny. But unfortunately, for some people, this may be too large MPV with a length of 4,855 mm, width 1,760 mm, and 1,750 mm high. Front and rear axle is as far as 2,750 mm and the height of the car from the ground as far as 176 mm to be a dilemma for car consumers in the country. But with the vast dimensions of the car as it can guarantee relief in the cabin of the car to accommodate your entire family.


With a large body dimensions, certainly one benefit that can be felt by the owner of the Toyota Innova is a spacious and comfortable cabin, if filled with 7 people on at the same time still left ample space. In addition, another advantage offered new cars including 2 cabin lights, complete with tachometer speedometer, ashtray, double blower air conditioning, as well as an entertainment system with a touch screen that can run a variety of audio formats that can be plugged through the flash.


Toyota Innova entrusted two engine variants, namely the first machine to be inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine VVT-i TR-1 VE 1,998 cc and two engine variants ie inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine VVT-i D4D 2494 cc. This engine has a maximum power of 136 ps at 5,600 rpm and maximum torque of 18.6 kgm at 4,000 rpm. Toyota Innova rear-wheel drive (RWD) and using a system of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Price All New Daihatsu Terios Latest 2013

Price All New Daihatsu Terios Latest 2013. Daihatsu Terios is a car that is ideal for those who have the desire to have the Toyota Rush but with a more affordable price. Even so the quality is not much different from the car despite having a hefty price difference. In fact according to my friend who was doing a test drive with Toyota Rush Daihatsu Terios suggest buying more because it is more convenient to use Terios with steeper prices. In Indonesia alone for the year 2013 was no SUV that had long awaited his presence which is All New Honda CRV 2013 and 2013 VW Tiguan Indonesia.

All New Daihatsu Terios has an exterior that is no less interesting than his twin brother, the Toyota Rush. Because it is both the car manufacturers are working together to produce this SUV. Design of the headlights, grille, bumper, and fog lamps in the front bumper bias makes this family car made by Daihatsu modern look. Furthermore, the stern section, the taillights also looked attractive.

Carrying the 7-seater, New Daihatsu Terios can contain up to seven passengers even if you bersempit 8 sempitan without sacrificing the cabin area, unlike the all-new Daihatsu Sirion 2013. Besides, sitting in the family car car manufacturer country of rising sun for a long time is also not tiring. This is thanks to the ergonomic design of the seating area. Then, the cabin also impressed classy thanks to the wood panel on the steering wheel and dashboard of a car.

New 2013 Toyota Yaris prices

New 2013 Toyota Yaris prices. For the existence of competition in the hatchback class, the Toyota Yaris launched in 2009 ago. Apparently, Toyota's attempt at winning the competition in this class is quite successful. Given the results achieved by their new cars All New Toyota Yaris for years 2009 through 2013. Looking at the quality of the cars on offer Toyota Yaris in addition to the convenience factor, do not be surprised if a lot of people who want to have a 5-door hatchback. Moreover, its compact dimensions bias makes this car easy to maneuver in urban streets are often congested. In the country itself has no All New Honda Jazz 2013 is ready to be a serious rival this car.


Toyota Yaris exterior itself is also quite attractive. Multireflektor halogen headlamps not only add bright illumination bias but also makes the car look more ferocious. Equipped with a roof spoiler at the rear, a compact hatchback from Toyota is able to attract the attention of the people around him. Coupled with step rear bumper guard for not just sweeten the car's exterior appearance but also facilitate access of goods into the trunk of a car. A pair of fog lights are also there to help the driver when driving in a less favorable situation pathway, for example, shrouded in fog. Side visor to help block the entry of sunlight into the car that could dazzle.


Modern consoles are able to provide easy access for the driver and front passenger when enjoying entertainment in the car while traveling to the destination. In addition, there are also extra storage box between the driver's and front passenger's seat. Inside the cabin, the Toyota Yaris users can also include a display monitor tire pressure should be there when you are traveling. Pedal also adds sporty driving pleasure for the driver.


The compact 5-door hatchback has a power of 109 ps at 6,000 rpm and torque of 14.4 kgm at 4,200 rpm. Power and torque is obtained from the 1NZ-FE engine DOHC 16V VVT-i 4-cylinder capacity of 1,497 cc. In addition, there is the Toyota Yaris with a tank capacity of 42 liters with fuel system electronically controlled fuel injection (EFI). Yaris uses front-wheel drive system (Front Wheel Drive) and features electronic power steering (EPS) is a standard feature in all variants of the car Toyota Yaris 2013.

Price Nissan Grand Livina 2013

Price Nissan Grand Livina 2013. Was honored as the "Best MPV" by Frost & Sullivan Indonesia, in addition to various other awards, Nissan Grand Livina MPV indeed to be reckoned with and a thumbs up. Designed as a family car which can accommodate 7 people at once, it has a Nissan car quality production is quite encouraging. Among which are the lack of care or maintenance that needs to be done by the owner of the Nissan Grand Livina all have the car. In simple terms the owner of the best family car from Nissan is enough to provide water glass wiper or a broom once every 3 months for treatment. In Indonesia, this car will have heavy competition with the presence of some of the latest mpv cars in the year 2013 as the Mazda Biante, 2013 Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Nav 1 2013.


Nissan Grand Livina outward appearance is quite attractive with a futuristic impression that not only unsightly eye. The design of dual 5 bolt wheels also give the impression of sporty on this car. Logo design front grille with Nissan makes a proud owner of this car has had a Nissan Grand Livina. Family car made by automaker cherry country has dimensions of length 4,420 mm, width 1,690 mm, height 1,595 mm and wheelbase of the front and rear 2. 600 mm. Distance from the ground to the underside of the car is ideal for walks in the country that usually there are many bumps, which is 185 mm.


Dominated by black, cab 2013 Nissan Grand Livina is quite elegant in addition to the field, let alone for 7 passengers. Plus, the materials used in more seats add comfort when driving in the family car in Nissan's offer. Design also seen a new speedometer with white color which gives a clear visual information to the driver. Features power windows and power door locks are standard feature on every variant. Luggage capacity is also quite large and would even increase the width by folding the rear seats.


Nissan Grand Livina use HR15DE engine 16V inline 4-cylinder with a capacity less than 1,500 cc. This machine is also equipped with DOHC technology and CVTC. In addition, in about transmission, Nissan is offering a 5-speed manual transmission and 4 speed automatic transmission for Nissan Grand Livina. With this combination of engine and transmission, the Nissan Grand Livina able to issue a maximum power of 109 ps at 6,000 rpm and torque of 15 kgm at 4,400 rpm 1. In addition, the ECCS fuel system to make more effective fuel consumption. Nissan Grand Livina also carry rack & pinion steering system with EPS (electronic power steering).

Prices New 2013 Nissan Grand Livina

Cheapest Car Indonesia New Geely Panda 2013.

Cheapest Car Indonesia New Geely Panda 2013. For those of you who love the cute animal panda, panda Geely GS seems perfectly suited to be your favorite car to meet transportation needs. Designed to resemble a panda form, either outside or inside, the hatchback of origin china manufacturer cheap car looks unique and cute. Definitely, not just appearance, special features that offer a 5-door hatchback is biased into thing to consider to buy a new car. With a view like this is the target that you want to search by Geely is female consumers aged between 20-30 years.


Looking at the exterior front Geely GS, this car has the appearance resembles a panda face. Headlights are designed to resemble panda eyes. Moment, a large grille in the front bumper looks like the mouth of a smiling panda sedan. Round fog lamps in the front bumper also make the car look more unique. Furthermore, the back, the rear combination lamps on each side of the car with the brake light positioned higher to make this car look modern.


Geely GS cabin who were a combined 2 colors can be asserted resemblance to a panda. However, considering that this car is designed with the city car segment, car cabin area will be narrow Terasia for passengers with a height of about 178 cm. But on the other hand, the instrument panel is easy to read blue dominated the driver. As well, more rounded design console confirms the impression of a unique and cute in this car. Rear seats can also be folded if required as additional luggage capacity.


Hatcback of Geely is carrying 1,300 cc DOHC engine with 5-speed manual transmission. Thanks to this engine, Geely gs can reach 85 ps of maximum power at 6,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 110 nm at 5. 200 rpm.

Geely Panda Car Prices 2013

Panda 1.3L A / T
Panda 1.3L M / T
Panda LC Cross 1.3 GS M / T

In their own country Geely car is still overshadowed by the other city cars such as the Suzuki Splash New Honda Brio 2013 and 2013. Moreover recently toyota parties are also competing for the city car market launch of Toyota Etios Valco dengen Indonesia yesterday early in March. To bear safety driving, Geely GS pinned disc brakes (front), drum brakes (rear), ABS, EBD, central lock, 6 airbags as well as a whole to reduce the pressure when the collision occurred.

List of Used Cars Under 30 Million, Cost Maintenance Mahal0

List of Used Cars Under 30 Million, Cost Maintenance Mahal0
Aulia Puspa March 14, 2013, Used Cars, Car Tips - Cheap Car Under 30 Million. If you have a budget of only 30 million do not have to worry about buying a car. Because memilikii car is the dream of all people, as of my own. But the price is too high can make some people, especially the middle class can have a bit of trouble for a new car. Alternatively, some people may choose a used car that costs would be cheaper with a price under 30 million.

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But buying a used car is not without risk. When you decide to buy a used car would be like buying a cat in a sack. You are no longer used to determine how the actual condition of the used car you want to buy it. Price can not be fooled, used car prices below 30 million is not a good price because of the cheap price of a used car, it is increasingly expensive to maintain.

If you really want to buy a car, buy a decent, it does not matter a bit expensive. If you do not have sufficient funds, you can save up to one year, basically you have to be patient. Do not take the risk, because you might lose with fussy you buy a used car.

Or if it allows you to have a new car, would have tasted better be good if you use the money to buy a used car you use as a down payment to buy a new car on credit. Approximately 30 million cash can be used to make new car loans. Or if you object to the mortgage every month, you can lessen a little more upfront. It could be better than you are tempted by used car price under 30 million but fussy with unexpected maintenance.

With a new car loan certainly better than buying a used car. Why? Due to the money that you will use for the treatment will be the same used car could also be used to pay for a new car payments every month. In addition to getting a new car you also do not need to worry if your car breaking down in the middle of the road because of cars that have been aged

Options Cheap Used Cars Under 30 Million

Forsa Suzuki Esteem / facilities. Pros: economical, stubborn, cheap spare parts. Disadvantages: AC often cold, pull less for size sedan, per hard enough.
Daihatsu Classy. Pros: pull mantab, mantab legs, easily reaching 140 km / h, although only 1300 cc, cheap spare parts. Disadvantages: a bit whiny, most narrow, the rear seat is narrower than the Esteem and Starlet, gasoline wasteful.
Honda Grand Civic LX 1600 cc. Pros: comfortable, per tender, pull mantab, efficient, stubborn, cool model, Disadvantages: expensive spare parts for Japanese cars size.
Toyata Corolla Twincam 89 down, together with the Civic LX, the difference, but the wasteful gasoline cheaper spare parts. Twincam there is also a 1300 cc, but the specification is much below that in 1600, more efficient gasoline.
Viewed From The pupose

Want style and little respected, can choose Used Toyota Crown, Cressida. Mark II or even Mercy Tiger gentlemen. Want a stylish and economical? Honda Accord Prestige (25 million already can really smooth). Expensive but more durable spare parts 5-6x, counts cost of cheap unloading.
Want to save more money, please select minibus Daihatsu / Suzuki. For class snout, can select S. Amenities (AC COLD), D. Classy, ​​Toyota Corolla DX, antelope alligator or even the Honda Civic as well. Cheap spare parts but must often change, count the cost of loading and also cheap.
Want to economical, select Toyota Corolla (the sedan version of the Kijang in fact, the engine is exactly the same for the same year). Want comfortable, select Corona. (Suspension tasty and tender, full specifications. Unfortunately Corona cc which has an average fuel consumption is fairly large so as to drain the bag.).
Hopefully these records could be tips for you who want to buy a cheap used car prices. Due consideration will care as expensive as buying a new car. All choice is in your hands!

All New Honda Civic Prices New 2013

All New Honda Civic Prices New 2013. This car reflects a classy sedan with modern style is not obsolete. Present in Indonesia with various car-style premium features usually get a price of 500 million and above. But the All New Honda Civic 2013 you can bring home with slightly more affordable price. In Indonesia alone for the beginning of the year was the arrival of the latest variant of honda car itself which is All New Honda City 2013 and Honda CRZ 2013 Indonesia. For the car manufacturer besides honda toyota also do not want to miss the All New Toyota Vios launched in 2013.


From the outside, 4-door sedan from Honda's looks quite attractive. This is thanks to the design of projector HID headlights, front grille with chrome accents, sporty front bumper, front fog lights surrounded by chrome, chrome mirrors can be folded electrically at the push of button and equipped with turn indicators, chrome door handles, and alloy wheels 17 " make this car look luxurious.

But unfortunately, taillights design looks a bit old-fashioned and less attractive than its predecessor generation Honda Civic. However, this seems to be relieved due to the presence of heat repellent window glass green anti radiation.


Design interior japanese sedan looks quite modern and slightly futuristic dashboard and center console design that aims to facilitate the driver. Therefore there is an easy to read instrument panel, panels i-mid, smart key feature, one-touch button to turn on the ignition, the seat can be adjusted to 8 positions, as well as the i-mid audio controls on the steering wheel to the driver's driving pleasure promise.

On the other hand, for the convenience of passengers, there is an effective automatic cooling unit and part relief cabin due to the form of a flat cabin floor and the back side of the front seat passenger was made to follow the curve of the foot. Essentially this new car design has been designed by experts to improve passenger comfort and driver when in the car. Even up to hours at a time when menempun traveling a short distance away.

Another feature that is interesting enough econ mode with eco assist to save fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions are more environmentally friendly.


2012 Honda Civic engine is equipped with two engine options. The first option ie i-vtec SOHC engine 1,800 cc Maximum power 141 ps at 6. 500 rpm with torque of 17.7 kg / m at 4300 rpm. The second option is i-vtec SOHC engine 2,000 cc Maximum power 155 ps at 6500 rpm with torque of 19.4 kg / m at 4300 rpm.

All New Honda Civic Prices New 2013

All-New 2013 Civic 1.8 i-VTEC A / T
All-New 2013 Civic 1.8 i-VTEC M / T
All-New 2013 Civic 2.0 i-VTEC A / T

For security and safety drive, 2012 Honda Civic there with the VSA + EPS adaptive in the direction of the steering wheel, g-con + ACTM, broom windshield that moves in the opposite direction, ABS, EBD, BA, dual SRS airbags, system protection pedestrians, immobilizer, alarm and keyless entry with a jack knife key (1,800 cc) or smart key (2,000 cc).

New Price New Mazda Biante 2013

New Price New Mazda Biante 2013. This is among the latest MPV type car from the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda, Mazda Biante. If you want a prestigious appearance seen you before some of your friends or people, the Japanese car manufacturer that the family is very suitable you Boyong to the garage where you live. It is certain, in addition to prestige, made by Mazda MPV is also able to provide high-quality ride comfort. In Indonesia alone this car will compete with the older players such as All New Kijang Innova 2013 and All New Nissan Serena 2013.


Mazda Biante looks charming on the exterior. This is the result of design projector headlamps combined with the grille are tapered front that has only 1 layer of rods on the hood. Then, the large airways with most tier grille on the front bumper and a pair of fog lights make an appearance this Japanese mpv look fierce and sporty. Furthermore, electric side mirrors come with turn indicator gives the impression of luxury in the Biante.

From the side, the Mazda Biante 2013 looks similar to the Toyota Alphard and both are equipped with electric sliding side doors. LED rear combination lights and rear fog lamps resemble ornaments that adorn the stern make this mpv look more attractive and elegant.


Not to be outdone by the luxury of toyota mpv, Alphard, cabin Mazda Biante also provide a very comfortable feel. Not only that, the Mazda Biante 2013 using high quality materials, ergonomic contour seats also seem to comfortably sit on even if you are traveling far enough.

But unfortunately, the Mazda Biante In Car seats are not wrapped in leather so that the impression of luxury rather reduced. Similarly, the steering wheel on the Mazda 3 is pinned Biante. Although leather, design circumference of the wheel seemed a bit cheesy.

Design dashboard and center console Mazda Biante seem ordinary. However, Mazda Biante driver tried to indulge in the transmission gear shift lever positioned on the center console within easy reach. In addition, look also set the settings button on the steering wheel when driving so that your new car feels very comfortable.

For passenger comfort, the Mazda Biante available with cooling unit and the rear cabin audio system that features a USB port and AUX.


For business machines, Mazda Biante use supercharged DOHC inline 4-cylinder 2,000 cc. Paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive systems (FWD), the Japanese MPV engine can put out 150 bhp power and 190 nm of torque. Maximum speed can reach 186 km / hour.

2013 Toyota Etios Review Valco Indonesia.

2013 Toyota Etios Review Valco Indonesia. Are you interested in the latest city car Toyota Etios Valco? If yes, you should notice some advantages and disadvantages of Toyota Etios Valco. Because in this article will discuss the types offered by Toyota complete the sale price.

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Toyota Etios Valco sold with 3 variants, namely J, E, and G. Each type has characteristics and differences of each. Features and standard equipment for each type is not the same. Let's look at the features available to new car 2013 Indonesia this one may be the best city car Indonesia.

Features and Variants Toyota Etios Valco

For a very cheap kind that J. This type can be recognized from the exterior through the grille has horizontal stripes and vertical as well as 14-inch rims are fitted with wheel cap. In the interior, the steering wheel crossbar three are equipped with airbags for the driver, and there was also a passenger next to the driver. Simply put security features two airbags Valco existing Etios variants starting from the bottom. But the unfortunate thing is the lack of need for variant Etios Power Steering Valco J. Because it is the most under this variant intended for Indonesian families are economically so there are some features that are removed to reduce the selling price.

Besides, this car has also been equipped with seat belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters for the front seats. With this system, if you have a collision, the seat belt automatically tightened to reduce injury to the chest after a collision. Other features that set the cup holder has 7 pieces, coin and card holders are specially designed for Indonesia, as well as the interior cooler which makes you hold cold drinks and fresh like having a fridge in the car. Unfortunately in this type there is no feature electronic power steering, audio system and tachometers. Toyota Etios Price Valco type j is priced at Rp. 135.5 million on the road jakarta.

Although type A is not equipped with electronic power steering, but the car handling is quite good and easy, said Joko Trisanyoto, marketing director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM). Type A is itself reportedly targeted for the middle to lower population and those who migrated from the motor to the car, and some customer interest in Toyota vehicles LCGC Agya that never passed regulations by the government so that they waited too long.

2nd kind ie E. For this type we can figure it out through the grille looks just striped horizontally, using 15-inch alloy rims, and outside rearview mirror that serwana with the car body. To existing features, the E variant has all the properties that exist on the type of J. But the Toyota is giving some features, like 2 din head unit with radio am / fm, cd, mp3, usb, and aux. Besides, there are 4 speakers, tachometer, electronic power steering, danpower window. Type E is sold at Rp. 149.9 million on the road in Jakarta.

As well as most top end or a variant of the type of G. These types can be distinguished by looking at the front side that has been equipped with fog lights and sporty aero kit usage. The whole standard fittings available in types J and E exist in this species. Toyota gave ABS-equipped brakes with EBD, leather wrapped steering wheel and no operation buttons, alarm, and rear view mirror electrically operated. For the price this type of g is priced at Rp 161.6 million on the road in Jakarta.

For exterior color choices there are 6 types, namely black, white, blue, silver, gray and beige. The TAM himself said when Toyota Etios Valco targeted to sell 2,000 units per month with the longest period optimal pivot 1 month Across its dealer network in Indonesia. Now all the choice is you want to choose which car Etios Valco.

Cars Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2013.

Cars Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2013. Indonesian consumer interest in the car on a vehicle in the SUV segment is increasing, it could make Jeep APM homeland Indonesia saw the market as a possible market for them to rake in more profits. This is evidenced by the launch of two new variants of their flagship for a new car in 2013, the Grand Cherokee Overland 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2013 and Indonesia in the Atrium Senayan City, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (13/03

All new cars are the result of the development and refinement of the variants that have been sold in Indonesia. Presented to the grand cherokee overland car customers desire like Indonesia which features quadra lift air suspension which initially had been there in this variant, but with an engine capacity not too big so that more efficient fuel consumption. Furthermore the jeep using the engine capacity of 3600 cc V6-powered 290 hp at 6,350 rpm.

PT. Inter Global Garansindo as car manufacturers Chrysler Indonesia also presented wrangler sahara. This legendary Suv currently logged in as daily drive jeep unique plan for future cars that can provide unlimited freedom when riding the wrangler. Diverse improvements shown in this car, like a hardtop roof which is currently a car body color, five-spoke rims measuring 18 inches with new motives, new seat design, as well as the presence of features tire pressure for each tire. Wrangler sahara pinning Pentastar V6 engine capacity of 3600 cc that powered 285 hp and is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

If you are interested with the Grand Cherokee 3.6 Overland car, enough to spend Rp 1.17 billion. Furthermore, if you'd prefer the latest Jeep Wrangler Sahara, you must set up a fund of Rp 780 million for the 2-door models, and Rp 840 million for the 4-door models. Save a few hundred million instead. All prices are off the road in Jakarta and surrounding areas.