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List of Used Cars Under 30 Million, Cost Maintenance Mahal0

List of Used Cars Under 30 Million, Cost Maintenance Mahal0
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NDIEE.com - Cheap Car Under 30 Million. If you have a budget of only 30 million do not have to worry about buying a car. Because memilikii car is the dream of all people, as of my own. But the price is too high can make some people, especially the middle class can have a bit of trouble for a new car. Alternatively, some people may choose a used car that costs would be cheaper with a price under 30 million.

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But buying a used car is not without risk. When you decide to buy a used car would be like buying a cat in a sack. You are no longer used to determine how the actual condition of the used car you want to buy it. Price can not be fooled, used car prices below 30 million is not a good price because of the cheap price of a used car, it is increasingly expensive to maintain.

If you really want to buy a car, buy a decent, it does not matter a bit expensive. If you do not have sufficient funds, you can save up to one year, basically you have to be patient. Do not take the risk, because you might lose with fussy you buy a used car.

Or if it allows you to have a new car, would have tasted better be good if you use the money to buy a used car you use as a down payment to buy a new car on credit. Approximately 30 million cash can be used to make new car loans. Or if you object to the mortgage every month, you can lessen a little more upfront. It could be better than you are tempted by used car price under 30 million but fussy with unexpected maintenance.

With a new car loan certainly better than buying a used car. Why? Due to the money that you will use for the treatment will be the same used car could also be used to pay for a new car payments every month. In addition to getting a new car you also do not need to worry if your car breaking down in the middle of the road because of cars that have been aged

Options Cheap Used Cars Under 30 Million

Forsa Suzuki Esteem / facilities. Pros: economical, stubborn, cheap spare parts. Disadvantages: AC often cold, pull less for size sedan, per hard enough.
Daihatsu Classy. Pros: pull mantab, mantab legs, easily reaching 140 km / h, although only 1300 cc, cheap spare parts. Disadvantages: a bit whiny, most narrow, the rear seat is narrower than the Esteem and Starlet, gasoline wasteful.
Honda Grand Civic LX 1600 cc. Pros: comfortable, per tender, pull mantab, efficient, stubborn, cool model, Disadvantages: expensive spare parts for Japanese cars size.
Toyata Corolla Twincam 89 down, together with the Civic LX, the difference, but the wasteful gasoline cheaper spare parts. Twincam there is also a 1300 cc, but the specification is much below that in 1600, more efficient gasoline.
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Want style and little respected, can choose Used Toyota Crown, Cressida. Mark II or even Mercy Tiger gentlemen. Want a stylish and economical? Honda Accord Prestige (25 million already can really smooth). Expensive but more durable spare parts 5-6x, counts cost of cheap unloading.
Want to save more money, please select minibus Daihatsu / Suzuki. For class snout, can select S. Amenities (AC COLD), D. Classy, ​​Toyota Corolla DX, antelope alligator or even the Honda Civic as well. Cheap spare parts but must often change, count the cost of loading and also cheap.
Want to economical, select Toyota Corolla (the sedan version of the Kijang in fact, the engine is exactly the same for the same year). Want comfortable, select Corona. (Suspension tasty and tender, full specifications. Unfortunately Corona cc which has an average fuel consumption is fairly large so as to drain the bag.).
Hopefully these records could be tips for you who want to buy a cheap used car prices. Due consideration will care as expensive as buying a new car. All choice is in your hands!

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