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Ford EcoSport 2013 Start Marketed In Eropa0

Ford EcoSport 2013 Start Marketed In Eropa0
Aulia Puspa March 03, 2013 Automotive News, Ford, SUV - Ford EcoSport 2013 SUV Indonesia. The American car manufacturer last year that in 2012 gained some variants of two new cars ford fiesta and ford focus again confirmed its presence in the global auto market competition. Ford seems to be able to reveal the specs ford ecosport for the european market. The withdrawal is taken from the release ford, ford ecosport this week 2013 euro-spec can be introduced in the mobile world congress (MWC) in barcelona.

Ford ecosport can be fitted with ford sync technology which has been using voice-activated connectivity within the system, and ford sync AppLink technology is very likely the driver to set the tone smartphones driving time, where this is a first for ford for euro-spec.

In addition, some images ford ecosport also released that gives've been using the latest design alloy wheels, ac vents with black accents and black around dashboard with red stitching on the steering wheel.

But for ecosport ford engine on offer with three options, namely EcoBoost engine 1. 0 liter 125 ps gasoline engine 1. And 5-liter 110ps diesel engine 1. 5 liter

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