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Test Drive Car Review 2013 All New Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLX L0

Test Drive Car Review 2013 All New Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLX L0
Aulia Puspa April 29, 2013 City Car, Suzuki, Test Drive - Review 2013 All New Suzuki Swift GLX. Viewed from various angles suzuki swift car appear almost flawless compact overall design looks very harmonious and even more so for one year after the purchase of this car feels far from obsolete. This assessment is not too much although the second generation where the car new in 2013 still has a figure not much different but can hit multiple lawannnya are also located in the city car segment sub-compact. No wonder, if all new swift success awarded car of the year in 26 countries, with and already two million units sold worldwide.

Then, although there are some minor changes. For the third generation, and the most recent version of the Suzuki Swift, zoom looks better than its predecessor. Designed to follow the trend in small Kalas hatctback with more stylish, fun and economical.

With the attractive appearance of the interior and exterior is handsome beyond, suzuki swift japan combines elements are loaded with quality and dynamism of such vehicles from Europe.


Futuristic exterior
Seats are very comfortable
The trip enjoyable

Limited headroom for rear passengers
Only small 1.4 L engine

For the exterior, the manufacturers obviously want to play it safe. With a little change of course because the market had already liked the design of the previous generation swift, this is evidenced by the increasing sales results. Therefore, in this latest swift did not experience much change significantly. Not wrong if you think the old look new swift and because no distinction is pretty clear with the type sembelumnya.

When viewed from a distance will look similar, but when viewed more closely, at least this new swift sport to have a larger headlights and extends to the rear, giving the impression of a dynamic and aggressive. Lattice grille also get a turn, the model to follow style Kizashi, suzuki flagship sedan. Furthermore, the body will be retained but not with glass design, which is now more tapered from the front to the back door. And viewed from the side rather similar to the nissan juke.

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