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New look of Chevrolet Captiva 2013 Indonesia0

New look of Chevrolet Captiva 2013 Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa March 03, 2013 Automotive News, Chevrolet, SUV - New Chevrolet Captiva Facelift 2013. Chevrolet captiva your users? If so, be prepared to hear the following rejoiced. Because in Indonesia will be introduced the latest version of the Chevrolet captiva facelift with some extra features and of course the design of the car body or more charming than the previous version. For earlier versions of itself already represents a crossover design that impressed fierce, but for this latest facelift will be more special considering that every car manufacturer issued a new car in 2013 will be accompanied by an increase in the quality of the previous version.

After introduced in 2006 and then in Europe, with a variant of the compact suv this is indeed a brand new American origin once did a facelift in 2011. It was only just a refinement on the front display only.

Well, welcome geneva motor show grand exhibition in 2013 (7-17 March 2013), the parties may introduce chevrolet inform the latest variant of the captiva. Unfortunately, manufacturers from the United States is only released one photo that shows the back side of the vehicle.

The new Captiva at the back this time there with the LED rear lights. Design of the rear lights continue the same like messing generation that is currently circulating. It's just changed its layout designer chevrolet where currently there is a pair of brake lights at the top of instantaneous reverse lights and turn signal lights at the bottom. Rear bumper is also designed again and no exhaust with chrome accents.

Chevrolet captiva mention that the front side is also designed again. The revamp includes a lower front bumper, grille with new motifs, as well as fog lamps with a fresh design.

Side of the cabin also experienced changes, like leather trim and there are seven seats as an optional choice. Natural car features added, like keyless start, rear seat is equipped with a heater, as well as dual-zone climate control. For the price of this 2013 Chevrolet captiva has not been confirmed by the Chevrolet itself. We wait for the news may not be much longer officially released soon.

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