Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

2014 Ford Fiesta ST cars marketed in America

2014 Ford Fiesta ST cars marketed in America. Already in the first year after the emergence of mass-produced cars ford fiesta has become the backbone to increase car sales ford. With a design that is always updated to keep up with its competitors to win the hearts of consumers the car. Ford Fiesta indeed have a series of performance to lure customers. Combination of a line and the exterior section of advanced features on the cab of the vehicle, making many customers chose it as a favorite car in the hedonistic urban locations.

Also, when news of the policy has been the introduction of ford fiesta st 2014 model various types of consumers have been waiting for from the young to the father of the father, may also include you in it. Because of his looks, ford fiesta st 2014 looks more aggressive, trendy and modern in appeal previous generation Ford Fiesta 2013.

In their home country, namely the United States, ford fiesta st 2014 priced at USD 22,195 or USD. 213.7 million (exchange rate of Rp. 9630) with shipping cost USD 795 or USD. 7.6 millions. The price is more expensive USD 6,800 or USD. 65.4 millions of standard model ford fiesta type S, which is pegged at USD 15,395 or USD. 148.2 million (already calculated shipping costs).

Ford uses the engine capacity of 1.6 liter four-cylinder EcoBoost (best engine in the world) and a 6 speed manual transmission. This machine is able to produce maximum power up to 197 hp with peak torque of 290 nm.

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