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Car tires Hankook Kinergy EX, Ban With Technology Terbaru0

Car tires Hankook Kinergy EX, Ban With Technology Terbaru0
Aulia Puspa April 30, 2013 Automotive News - Best Tires For Cars MPV. Hankook on Saturday yesterday dated 27 April 2013 re-introduce their newest tire is kinergy ex. Tire that has a specification for mpv cars in Indonesia was designed to address a wide variety of roads in Indonesia. Besides hankook, in ground water is also marketed other quality tires from Bridgestone brand tires are bridgestone duelers mt 2013.

Ex kinergy launch is the first in the Asean market. This suggests Indonesia as influential state for hankook tire market in Asia. Not only luxurious appearance, this tire has excellent features other fact.

Kinergy ex is smart tire alignment indicator with visual features or indicators of visual balance. This feature can be seen in the presence of 2 red dot on the tire tread on the inside or outside of the tire. This feature can provide a signal when the tire is up evenly or not. If not then require spooring back to make the tires evenly and can be used with prime.

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