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Latest cars Suzuki Splash 2013

Latest cars Suzuki Splash 2013. According to news from the PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales as car manufacturers Suzuki Splash will display the latest facelift earlier this year rather late in March 2013. But from his own party suzuki not sure what the date for this 2013 car will be mass produced in Indonesia.

This news seems to be true because, according to sales data in 2012 Gaikindo yesterday city car sales are on the rise in Indonesia. Including the sale of city car suzuki splash.

Even car sales in a given month is able to outperform its competitors some sort of nissan march and Daihatsu Sirion. And the car is quite phenomenal that Honda Brio 2013 that kicked off the first time since its launch in late 2012 IIMS ago.

Expected with the facelift of the car will increase the sales of Suzuki. Suzuki splash on the latest facelift has also been up in Japan and India. We're just waiting for the time the car arrived in Indonesia and mass produced.

Japan and India Suzuki Splash's been updated

Substitution is very apparent in the exterior part of the car. On the front there is the latest splash with checkered grille. Front bumper and fog lamps were also designed small car again until it looks more attractive. On the side we can see the rim with the new design.

The moment for the Indian as well as behind the Japanese version there is a small difference. For the Indian version called maruti suzuki ritz it has the exact same design with current generation that circulated in Indonesia. Subject only distinguishing presence on the roof spoiler. But for the Japanese version has a rear bumper with a new design and equipped with air ducts.

The moment for either side splash cabin is in japan and india cd player in there with the cockpit section being. Indicator settings remain ac take the kind of play like the current generation. On the instrument panel remain white speedometer and multi-information display (MID) at the bottom. Tachometers are placed separately maintained by the maruti-suzuki.

Beneath the hood, suzuki remain entrusted engine capacity 1. 200 cc inline 4-cylinder and equipped with VVT (Variable Valve Timing). The mechanical heart can generate power of 85 hp at 6. 000 rpm. For transmission on offer in two options, namely manual and automatic. Possibility PT. SIS will include automatic transmission option given the traffic conditions in Jakarta are more solid. In the Japanese market, the splash is sold with a CVT transmission.

So what is the latest splash price estimate is currently sold in Indonesia later? The possibility of this car can be priced at the price of Rp. 140 millions in Jakarta already on the road.

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