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Motorcycles Honda Supra X 125 Getting Striping Baru0

Motorcycles Honda Supra X 125 Getting Striping Baru0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Honda, Motor Bebek, Motorcycle - Price New Honda Supra X 2013. Striping and color has an influence on the appearance of the motorcycle. Recently, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) released a new color and striping honda supra x 125 in 2013 with a more sporty look to strengthen its position as the king of moped moped outperform its rivals from Yamaha and Suzuki.

Refresher is intended to fulfill the desire of young people who always want the pride and sporty appearance of the motorcycle. The turnover there is on display the new icon racing striping with sharper lines and added a silver gray color as the color of choice.

The plan color and new striping is to maintain a dynamic sporty design that exist today. Besides, it also can provide a more dynamic appearance on the type spoke wheel and an image of the type casting wheel racing.

Marketing director Margono ahm Tanuwijaya optimistic turn of refreshment honda supra x 125 appearances can meet the users motorcycle. "Not only a strong brand, the distinctive character honda supra x 125 as a new motor 2013 that powerful, resilient and fuel economy make this bike motors customer demand in Indonesia is very fitting because they judge to be used day-to-day activities", was released welovehonda, Friday (26/04).

Honda Supra X 125 marketed in Indonesia for Rp 14,650,000 for version spoke wheel on the road jakarta with 3 colors, namely red furious, glorious blue and silver fabulous. The variant cast wheel (CW) on the market at a price of Rp 15.7 million on the road jakarta with 4 colors namely red furious, glorious blue, silver and precious fabulous green. This type can be expected by Honda sold 30,000 units per month in 2013 this.

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