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Valco Toyota Etios car in 2013

Valco Toyota Etios car in 2013. The new car seems to make a passionate automotive fans in Indonesia. To compete with the Honda Brio 2013 in the presence of a very successful Indonesian consumers attractive cars in Indonesia that penetrate several sales records. Now the toyota is trying to compete with enthusiasm by the presence of Toyota Etios Valco. It is at least portrayed in the show Toyota Dealer Convention 2013, which took place this March in Bali.

In the event the Toyota Indonesia sales target to be achieved Etios Valco in the number 19 thousand units with a market share of 30% so far in 2013. Although they knew that the target will not be easy karen a lot of city car rivals the best in Indonesia and the kind of nissan march mitsubishi mirage. Not to mention the spin chevrolet chevrolet 2013 also launched a new bari Indonesia this.

Besides, it is also in the event, the Toyota is targeting sales of 480 thousand units in 2013 with a market share of 40 per cent of the total market sales of Toyota's car production. This significant rise approximately 74. 586 units of these rates in 2012 is 405. 414 units.

As an illustration The association in 2012, the city car market is filled with brio honda, mitsubishi mirage, nissan march, kia picanto, suzuki splash Daihatsu Sirion and can be sold 42. 442 units.

Back to the issue Etios Valco, reportedly variant city car has can be ordered at the Toyota dealer network. Moment of the 3 variants were released, the Etios Valco JM / T priced at Rp 135.5 million, Etios Valco EM / T Rp. 149.9 million, and the top variant of Etios Valco GM / T for Rp. 161.6 million.

In comparison rival as new car prices, Honda Brio 1. 3 EM / T for USD 165.5 million, Mitsubishi Mirage 1. 2 exceed A / T for USD 165 million as well as the Nissan March 1. 2 XS A / T for USD 168.2 million.

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