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Road Test Car Reviews 2013 Daihatsu Terios, SUV 7 Penumpang0

Road Test Car Reviews 2013 Daihatsu Terios, SUV 7 Penumpang0
Aulia Puspa April 27, 2013 Daihatsu, SUV, Test Drive - Review of 7 Passenger Daihatsu Terios 2013. Is a car that looks stylish and spearheading SUV Daihatsu car sales in Indonesia. With the appearance of a strange strange not proven 7 passenger cars may interest the customer. Moreover affordable by all people. Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Rush G may be classified in that category. Practical in terms of both dimensions and specifications of the engine, the fundamental differences in the long-wheelbase Terios variant and rush g is the seven-seater Terios that (7-seater) and the car is fully assembled in Indonesia.


Many of Storage
Good Visibility
The cabin relief
Cheap Price

Car Interior Design Too Meriah
Cars Not To Speed
Exterior and interior

Terios continues to maintain its uniqueness as a 7 seater car, with significant changes only in the length dimension. The new wheelbase was increased to 85mm make the rear passengers now sits just above the rear axle, and the d-pillar window becomes longer.

Party claims Daihatsu Terios variant short wheelbase / five-seater (5-seater) as a true off-roader that has a locking 4wd full time as one of the flagship features, 7-seater variant of this is intended as a simple rear-wheel drive car that has a ground clearance fairly and fit for use in the fields of urban low intensity. To better describe it, this car has a departure angle 38, 5 degrees and minimum ground clearance of 200mm.

Upright figure, somewhat boxy, as well as delivering high roomy cabin area. The second line has a separate sitting area that can be laid out or folded, and folded the rear seats to get extra luggage space approximately 600 liters.

The features of which are presented on the Terios, not just audio and immobilizer system,

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