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New Suzuki SX4 cars in 2013 Indonesian

New Suzuki SX4 cars in 2013 Indonesian. Most grand automobile exhibition in Europe, namely the Geneva Motor Show 2013 which was held on 7-17 March is the car manufacturers will race the race to showcase its latest line up of cars. One of them is foreign car manufacturer Suzuki Sakura who do not want to miss the newest car introduced second generation SX4. Since its emergence in Indonesia a few years ago that the first generation was enough to attract attention, this is evidenced by the increase in sales figures get and now Suzuki has prepared the latest cars by 2013 Indonesia issued a 2013 Suzuki X-Over in Indonesia.

Display Dimension Greater Suzuki SX4

Latest generation of X-Over is made to follow the concept of the Suzuki S-Cross who had first introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2012 ago. But this time made a few changes in order to look more proportional SX 4 to be used as a daily vehicle. At the front of the car's grille comes with loncong shaped headlights and wider than the old version. Additionally under the main lights are LED Daytime Running Lights that have become the latest trend in the automotive world. Become increasingly attractive appearance with some additional chrome accents.

For the back side of the SX4 has an elegant exterior design with LED lights. For safety when driving this car has been equipped with a pair of reflrktor lights and rear fog lights are placed in the rear bumper. So this crossover type car looks dashing, Suzuki gave the silver cladding on the front, side, and rear.

Side of the car cabin has an elegant design with black color that dominates. Absolute majority operating button is placed on the steering wheel as well as for the operation of the other buttons in the cockpit there are. Overhaul of a very important part in this latest SX4 much luggage capacity is greater, which is 430 liters. This is definitely a good improvement since the first generation in just 270 liters capacity.

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