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New Hyundai i10 cars in 2013 Indonesian

New Hyundai i10 cars in 2013 Indonesian. Not the same as in the Indonesian market, customer interest in variants hyundai i10 city car rental Europe, India and South Korea continue to evolve positively. Photo hyundai genesis that other photo spyshot 2014.

Simple indication, Hyundai Motor Company has prepared the latest generation of the tiny variants. The move reportedly prepared to block the rate of several European locations kompetitornyadi delivered olehvolkswagen, seat and skoda.

Autoevolution.Com, Saturday (2/3) majority released new hyundai i10 spyshot photo being circulated on the streets. Most website launch automotive world, the latest generation i10 is predicted to be launched later in 2014, or maybe sooner than expected.

Not only that, rumors also say that the new car 2013, which can be produced for the global market, the idea in the United States market to carry the name hyundai briliant. 1 engine, 1-liter CRDi turbo diesel can be infiltrated with a 74 hp power grab.

Now, if only the news abroad has been widely reported, we must live watch pt hyundai car news from Indonesia. If all this looks citycar hyundai i10 looks like a short but high, then the new generation Hyundai can improve so he looks really interesting.

Latest Hyundai i10 can seem as longer and more gentle, with a design that is not conservative, especially if we look at the design flow tapered side window pillar rearward until c.

Designed to fit the grill shortly hallmark hyundai, but the headlights gain touch with the greater design and sharp. Then looked at the face of aggression citycar this hyundai.

Features of the latest i10 inspired by models like the new i20 and i30. This can reportedly be offered in 3 and 5 door configurations, with a choice of two engines with a capacity of 1. 0 and 1 liter 3 cylinder. 2-liter 4-cylinder.

Hyundai i10 can do premiere debut at the frankfurt motor show at the mo. September 2013. Hyundai India to introduce it at the end of 2013 or at the auto expo in noida th. Home.

Well, we stayed just waiting for PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia also take him to Indonesia may be in 2014.

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