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New Price New Mazda Biante 2013

New Price New Mazda Biante 2013. This is among the latest MPV type car from the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda, Mazda Biante. If you want a prestigious appearance seen you before some of your friends or people, the Japanese car manufacturer that the family is very suitable you Boyong to the garage where you live. It is certain, in addition to prestige, made by Mazda MPV is also able to provide high-quality ride comfort. In Indonesia alone this car will compete with the older players such as All New Kijang Innova 2013 and All New Nissan Serena 2013.


Mazda Biante looks charming on the exterior. This is the result of design projector headlamps combined with the grille are tapered front that has only 1 layer of rods on the hood. Then, the large airways with most tier grille on the front bumper and a pair of fog lights make an appearance this Japanese mpv look fierce and sporty. Furthermore, electric side mirrors come with turn indicator gives the impression of luxury in the Biante.

From the side, the Mazda Biante 2013 looks similar to the Toyota Alphard and both are equipped with electric sliding side doors. LED rear combination lights and rear fog lamps resemble ornaments that adorn the stern make this mpv look more attractive and elegant.


Not to be outdone by the luxury of toyota mpv, Alphard, cabin Mazda Biante also provide a very comfortable feel. Not only that, the Mazda Biante 2013 using high quality materials, ergonomic contour seats also seem to comfortably sit on even if you are traveling far enough.

But unfortunately, the Mazda Biante In Car seats are not wrapped in leather so that the impression of luxury rather reduced. Similarly, the steering wheel on the Mazda 3 is pinned Biante. Although leather, design circumference of the wheel seemed a bit cheesy.

Design dashboard and center console Mazda Biante seem ordinary. However, Mazda Biante driver tried to indulge in the transmission gear shift lever positioned on the center console within easy reach. In addition, look also set the settings button on the steering wheel when driving so that your new car feels very comfortable.

For passenger comfort, the Mazda Biante available with cooling unit and the rear cabin audio system that features a USB port and AUX.


For business machines, Mazda Biante use supercharged DOHC inline 4-cylinder 2,000 cc. Paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive systems (FWD), the Japanese MPV engine can put out 150 bhp power and 190 nm of torque. Maximum speed can reach 186 km / hour.

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