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Price All New Honda CRV 2013 Indonesia

Price All New Honda CRV 2013 Indonesia. Honda names certainly not foreign to the ears of some automotive enthusiasts in the country. So also with its SUV product line that is always able to meet much less exceed the expectations bestowed on him. Inside this issue, Honda CRV 2013 at least deserves to be an option when you take into account who is buying a new car is powered and can be relied on in any terrain.


The outside appearance is the latest SUV made by Japanese automaker, Honda, is expressly reflect the feel of luxury in addition to attractive. This is thanks to the design of the front grille that juts into the main lamp hid her and turn indicators on side mirrors. In addition, the design and the large airways in the front bumper Honda CRV 2013 confirms that it is not just any type of SUV car family, but something sporty SUV. Unfortunately, it does not look a pair of fog lights come on the front bumper pinned Honda SUV's latest besutannya.

But, judging by the stern design, rear fog lamps look a squeeze Honda CRV 2013 is something middle-class SUV. Currently, Honda applied vertical taillights in the top of the body, like the rear lights have a toyota avanza or xenia daihatsu latest. It's just that, a Honda CRV 2013, loom large.


From the exterior, we move to the interior which is offering its latest SUV Honda at this time. Overall, the interior of the Honda CRV 2013 feel comfortable thanks to the ergonomic chair design is clad in high-quality materials. Dashboard and center console design also looks modern but simple is not confusing for drivers to operate them time.

For driver comfort, the gear lever is positioned on the center console and steering wheel are 3 SUV is also equipped with a set of buttons that make driving arrangements became more practical. The instrument panel also shows clearly the info about driving a car as well, thanks to the intelligent-screen multi-information display (i-MID) that Honda instilled in her SUV, the driver must no longer lose all the driving directions CRV 2013.

2013 Honda CRV cabin is also equipped with econ mode, cruise control, cooling unit for the rear cabin and baggage area is quite a relief, amounting to 1,658 liters when the rear seats folded. In the normal situation in which all the seats in use, there is a luggage capacity of 589 liters. In addition, for the convenience of all there is in the journey, Honda also participated include an audio system equipped with AUX and USB port.

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