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Price Motor Sport New 2013 Yamaha R15 Cheaper From CBR 150 R1

Price Motor Sport New 2013 Yamaha R15 Cheaper From CBR 150 R1
Aulia Puspa April 29, 2013 Motor Sport, Motorcycle, Yamaha - Price Motor Sport Yamaha R15 2013. Yamaha R15 now already prepared a prototype to be marketed in the Indonesian market. Moreover, has several times seen through spyshot yamaha R15 caught by bloggers and spread across the Internet as well as observers of the automotive homeland. Future motor will be positioned to compete with Honda CBR 150 R that had already paved in Indonesias. With so of course the price of Yamaha R15 will not differ much compared to the price of the Honda CBR 150 R or can be even more affordable.

Price Honda CBR 150 R for sale in Indonesia with 1.20.319 price indian rupees, equivalent to 21,490,273 dollars. Yamaha R15 in India priced at a cheaper price approximately 8,000 indian rupees indian rupees 1.12.750. And if dirupiahkan Yamaha R15 has a price of Rp. 20,138,368 (in India).

And the next question is what price will be used to bring home Yamaha R15 in Indonesia? If the version of the rupiah in india, both sport bike that has different prices about 2 million dollars indian rupee version. Interestingly, if the price in Indonesia Honda CBR 150 R is priced at 35.3 million dollars, most likely if we take the price comparison yamaha india, yamaha r15 price of Indonesia should be in the price range of Rp. 33 million. And that certainly is not going to exceed the price of the Honda CBR 150 R in the figure of 35 million dollars.

Price Honda CBR 150 R STD in India

1,20.319 Indian rupees (U.S. $ 21,490,273)
Price Yamaha YZR R15

Indian Rupees 1,12,750 (U.S. $ 20,138,368)
Price Honda CBR 150 R in Indonesia

Rp. 35.3 million
Estimated price Yamaha R15 Indonesia

Rp. 33,000,000

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  1. Yamaha is unbeatable on the grounds of technology and innovation in automotive world as its one of the trendsetter.R15 is a great new bike.

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