Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

New 2013 Nissan Evalia Indonesia.

New 2013 Nissan Evalia Indonesia. The first quarter of 2013 seems well used by the automotive business, accounting PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) as the holder of Nissan brand in the Indonesian automotive market. Since the emergence of the first times in the country in the middle of last year this car enough attention Indonesian car consumers. Because of the unique shape than usual MPV cars and big name owned by Nissan as a car that qualified enough to increase the sales of Nissan cars in Indonesia. This car competes with other class cars such as Suzuki Ertiga 2013 and Toyota Nav 1 as a new car in 2013 Indonesia.

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 5, 2013, nmi officially launched the latest model of Nissan Evalia. Multi puRp.ose vehicle (MPV) from Japan was there with two new variants, the Nissan Evalia Evalia new nissan ST and SV. Both can be launched with the official before a few dozen journalists and the general population in the mall atrium Kasablanka city, Jakarta.

For additional info, to this day Evalia that have been circulating in Indonesia there are three variants, namely xv, sv and s. For xv and sv, nissan offer in the two parties ie automatic and manual transmissions. Instantaneous variance s just prepared a manual transmission.

Nissan Evalia in support machine 1, 5-liter DOHC, 4 cylinders, 16 valves and dual CVTC. Spec engine can produce power up to 109 hp and torque of 143 nm. Nissan Evalia whole model is priced at USD. 146 million to Rp. 192 million (Jakarta and surrounding locations).

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