Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Most Indonesian car 2013 Honda All New CRV.

Most Indonesian car 2013 Honda All New CRV. Desire automaker Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) which holds the production rights to penetrate APM Honda car sales of 100 thousand units in 2013 is at least the show a bright future. Although not yet supported by sales of the car will be introduced in the middle of this year. The Honda Indonesia had record sales of 9529 units of the car thanks to the donation site of the All New Honda CRV 2013.

This figure is higher than the 66% figure dicapa the same month in last year. That is just 5,746 units. At this year's All-New Honda CRV 2013, which has just introduced a few months ago at a price of Rp 367 million - Rp 431 million rupiah contribute up to 3000 cars in February 2013. That in the month of January only cars accounted for 2000 units.

Meanwhile another honda product is the All New Honda Jazz 2013 ranks second with a contribution of 4,890 units in the period January and February of 2013.

Pretty fantastic numbers were listed by Honda Brio which can take the number 1,440 units in February. And 444 units in January, so the total is accounted for approximately 1800 units of the car.

Furthermore, the results for honda car sales contributed by the All New Honda Oddysey to 1000 units sold in January and February 2013.

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