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2013 Toyota Etios Review Valco Indonesia.

2013 Toyota Etios Review Valco Indonesia. Are you interested in the latest city car Toyota Etios Valco? If yes, you should notice some advantages and disadvantages of Toyota Etios Valco. Because in this article will discuss the types offered by Toyota complete the sale price.

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Toyota Etios Valco sold with 3 variants, namely J, E, and G. Each type has characteristics and differences of each. Features and standard equipment for each type is not the same. Let's look at the features available to new car 2013 Indonesia this one may be the best city car Indonesia.

Features and Variants Toyota Etios Valco

For a very cheap kind that J. This type can be recognized from the exterior through the grille has horizontal stripes and vertical as well as 14-inch rims are fitted with wheel cap. In the interior, the steering wheel crossbar three are equipped with airbags for the driver, and there was also a passenger next to the driver. Simply put security features two airbags Valco existing Etios variants starting from the bottom. But the unfortunate thing is the lack of need for variant Etios Power Steering Valco J. Because it is the most under this variant intended for Indonesian families are economically so there are some features that are removed to reduce the selling price.

Besides, this car has also been equipped with seat belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters for the front seats. With this system, if you have a collision, the seat belt automatically tightened to reduce injury to the chest after a collision. Other features that set the cup holder has 7 pieces, coin and card holders are specially designed for Indonesia, as well as the interior cooler which makes you hold cold drinks and fresh like having a fridge in the car. Unfortunately in this type there is no feature electronic power steering, audio system and tachometers. Toyota Etios Price Valco type j is priced at Rp. 135.5 million on the road jakarta.

Although type A is not equipped with electronic power steering, but the car handling is quite good and easy, said Joko Trisanyoto, marketing director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM). Type A is itself reportedly targeted for the middle to lower population and those who migrated from the motor to the car, and some customer interest in Toyota vehicles LCGC Agya that never passed regulations by the government so that they waited too long.

2nd kind ie E. For this type we can figure it out through the grille looks just striped horizontally, using 15-inch alloy rims, and outside rearview mirror that serwana with the car body. To existing features, the E variant has all the properties that exist on the type of J. But the Toyota is giving some features, like 2 din head unit with radio am / fm, cd, mp3, usb, and aux. Besides, there are 4 speakers, tachometer, electronic power steering, danpower window. Type E is sold at Rp. 149.9 million on the road in Jakarta.

As well as most top end or a variant of the type of G. These types can be distinguished by looking at the front side that has been equipped with fog lights and sporty aero kit usage. The whole standard fittings available in types J and E exist in this species. Toyota gave ABS-equipped brakes with EBD, leather wrapped steering wheel and no operation buttons, alarm, and rear view mirror electrically operated. For the price this type of g is priced at Rp 161.6 million on the road in Jakarta.

For exterior color choices there are 6 types, namely black, white, blue, silver, gray and beige. The TAM himself said when Toyota Etios Valco targeted to sell 2,000 units per month with the longest period optimal pivot 1 month Across its dealer network in Indonesia. Now all the choice is you want to choose which car Etios Valco.

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