Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Verza Honda Motorcycle 150 cc, Honda Successor Tiger0

Verza Honda Motorcycle 150 cc, Honda Successor Tiger0
Aulia Puspa April 24, 2013 Honda, Laki Motor, Motorcycle - 150 cc 2013 Honda Verza Indonesia. Honda has just unveiled its newest motorcycle in Indonesia, the motorcycle is a Honda Verza 150 cc, motorcycles are included in the segment of motor sport is quite similar to his brother briefly CB150R are also only a few weeks ago started to pave the early 2013's. The presence of this motorcycle completes the line up for the category honda motor man. Coupled with the honda verza there were 5 variants of motor sport or motorcycle manufacturer Honda man who sold in Indonesia.

Furthermore what are the advantages possessed by this vehicle? Not only has the form mantab, is said to be the motor vehicles with fuel efficiency super efficient! Imagine it with a liter of petrol new honda motorcycles can travel a distance of 160 km. It's not economical? But the consumption of such materials you must meet

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