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Yamaha Mio GT 2013 Laris Manis Di Indonesia0

Yamaha Mio GT 2013 Laris Manis Di Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 25, 2013 Motor Matik, Motorcycle, Yamaha - Motorcycles Yamaha Mio GT 2013. After more than a month was launched in Indonesia in February or rather yesterday. 2013 Yamaha mio GT can be sold beyond expectations yamaha pt Indonesian manufacturing (YIMM). Yamaha mio yamaha gt according to the statistics can sell 20,000 units per month. But at the beginning of February the launch of its release it has sold a total of 33 motors. 938 units or more rose 60% compared with yamaha sales forecast.

Eko Prabowo, gm marketing communications and the development of Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia mentioning compass reporters that "mio gt successful start with the first step was satisfactory. We expect the following months sales is increasing, "he explained.

With overall sales were quite surprising. Yamaha mio accounted for 29 gt recorded. 8% of all sales for yamaha automatic motorcycles that month was recorded sales of 113. 508 units in February 2013. The sale is one that is mio soul gt with 33. 646 units, yamaha mio j 31. 238 units as well as new bike yamaha xeon rc number 11. 135 units.

With sales exceeding gt yamaha mio expectations, yamaha Indonesia believes can restore the automatic motorcycle market share once they mastered first before appearing at first like many competitors today. Now this yamaha motor sport market is also dominated by variants lightning yamaha v-Ixion, Byson, and Scorpio and accounted for 79% market share of motor sport.

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