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Cheapest Car Indonesia New Geely Panda 2013.

Cheapest Car Indonesia New Geely Panda 2013. For those of you who love the cute animal panda, panda Geely GS seems perfectly suited to be your favorite car to meet transportation needs. Designed to resemble a panda form, either outside or inside, the hatchback of origin china manufacturer cheap car looks unique and cute. Definitely, not just appearance, special features that offer a 5-door hatchback is biased into thing to consider to buy a new car. With a view like this is the target that you want to search by Geely is female consumers aged between 20-30 years.


Looking at the exterior front Geely GS, this car has the appearance resembles a panda face. Headlights are designed to resemble panda eyes. Moment, a large grille in the front bumper looks like the mouth of a smiling panda sedan. Round fog lamps in the front bumper also make the car look more unique. Furthermore, the back, the rear combination lamps on each side of the car with the brake light positioned higher to make this car look modern.


Geely GS cabin who were a combined 2 colors can be asserted resemblance to a panda. However, considering that this car is designed with the city car segment, car cabin area will be narrow Terasia for passengers with a height of about 178 cm. But on the other hand, the instrument panel is easy to read blue dominated the driver. As well, more rounded design console confirms the impression of a unique and cute in this car. Rear seats can also be folded if required as additional luggage capacity.


Hatcback of Geely is carrying 1,300 cc DOHC engine with 5-speed manual transmission. Thanks to this engine, Geely gs can reach 85 ps of maximum power at 6,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 110 nm at 5. 200 rpm.

Geely Panda Car Prices 2013

Panda 1.3L A / T
Panda 1.3L M / T
Panda LC Cross 1.3 GS M / T

In their own country Geely car is still overshadowed by the other city cars such as the Suzuki Splash New Honda Brio 2013 and 2013. Moreover recently toyota parties are also competing for the city car market launch of Toyota Etios Valco dengen Indonesia yesterday early in March. To bear safety driving, Geely GS pinned disc brakes (front), drum brakes (rear), ABS, EBD, central lock, 6 airbags as well as a whole to reduce the pressure when the collision occurred.

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