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Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Indonesia.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Indonesia. 2013 Hyundai santa fe grand is preparing to do its debut in Europe. Geneva motor show event in which a mainstay Hyundai's line-up can be first introduced in the European population. Yes, indeed after its release in the country of origin is Korea in late 2012 car will be on display yesterday in appealing to consumers in Europe. But in Indonesia itself is still limited in 2012 which produced en masse begins when there IIMS september last year in Jakarta. At the event itself hyundai santa fe've posted something positive with an increase in bookings since the car first exhibition was held until the exhibition closed.

First introduced at the New York auto show last year then next santa fe hyundai grand was used to adjust for the European population in the daily transportation needs. Dimensional grand santa fe hyundai car for yourself is higher than 10 mm, a width of 5 mm and 225 mm longer than the previous version sante fe. Hyundai also give a new grille, front bumper and fog lights restyled with specials designed specifically for the European market.

Despite already having a facelift or change of appearance, but does not change the hyundai engine is embedded in the latest cars this 2013. Hyundai santa fe grand remained entrusted diesel engine 2. 2 liter which can shoot up to 192 hp with a 6 speed automatic.

With the presence of the grand hyundai santa fe, then hyundai so has been able to answer the wishes of the European population suv car that can accommodate the large family at an affordable price. Considering this car can accommodate 7 passengers so it will feel more spacious than the usual SUVs like Toyota fortuner 2013-and all-new Honda CRV 2013. For the Indonesian market alone can not be sure this car will be mass produced. So we wait for further news.

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